6 beautiful cars spotted at the Haynes Motor Museum Breakfast Meet

I went to the Haynes Motor Museum's December Breakfast Club on Sunday, and it didn't disappoint

2y ago

This weekend I drove to the English West Country for a spot of breakfast at one of the country's best petrolhead attractions.

Departing at 8am, we ruined multiple people's quiet Sunday mornings in the English countryside - mwahahaha

Departing at 8am, we ruined multiple people's quiet Sunday mornings in the English countryside - mwahahaha

I drove down in my mk2 Ford Focus RS, enjoying a few more weeks of driving it stock, before it goes in for a remap that will inevitably eventually result in me wrapping it 'round a tree.

My dad followed in his 4x4 Cosworth, which at 400hp and 427lb ft after some recent work under the bonnet, was a slightly menacing convoy partner.

We arrived at 9am on the dot, and the car park was already rammed full. Here are some of my favourite spots from the morning.

1. Renault Clio Williams

I love these things, they weigh nearly nothing and with close to 150bhp at production, they were perfect pocket rocket daily drivers built for British roads.

The owner of this one had two babyseats in the car - proof of its daily driver credentials.

2. Ford Anglia with supercharged V8 swap

Lol, what?

Lol, what?

Safety standard? Zero.

Driveability? Zero.

Practicality? Minus 10.

Cool factor? Off the charts.

3. Nissan GTR Nismo

When I pulled up next to this thing in the car park I felt my testicles physically shrink in size as my boy racer RS came face to face with the undisputed King of the Road.

This was a perfect specimen - and I'd give my left shrunken testicle to drive it.

4. Ford Fiesta XR

Christ I love these cars. I learned to drive in a standard Fiesta, and I used to dream of the additional power of an XR2.

The engineers of the XR2 were given a mission to design a daily driver that did 0-60mph in under 10 seconds, and topped out at over 100mph, and they succeeded on both counts, with a 0-60 of 9.2 seconds, and a top speed of just over 100mph (with a tailwind and a slight downhill gradient, and only after the driver has been on a significant diet).

As well as the angular, boxy design, I'm a huge fan of the pepper pot wheels, which would look absolutely terrible on almost every single car ever designed, bar this one.

5. Chevy Camaro

I don't know much about American muscle, and sadly I didn't get a chance to meet the owner of this - but I did see a guy walking around in a leather jacket and a bandana and I am 100% sure he was the owner of this vehicle. Just look at it - it looks like it's about to steal your girlfriend.

6. Mini Clubman

This might actually be a 1275 GT, but whatever, I don't care - it's cool.

Managed not to slip on the oil leak too - success.

All in all, a great morning out. The breakfast element itself was a 10/10, with both hash browns and fried bread on offer. Be still my beating (struggling) heart.

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  • Hi, I like this tot-up of these beauts, do you mid >>> www.facebook.com/dtrlounge/ ?

      2 years ago
  • The Camaro isn’t strictly a muscle car. It’s more compact body classes it as a pony car - much like the Mustang. Same applies to its cousin, the Pontiac Firebird.

      2 years ago