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6 car companies that sadly went extinct

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Often people go on about animals going extinct but what about car companies? Often when car companies die out no one really cares.

Many have come and gone with some of their names echoing through history and others just being forgotten. Well here is only a small handful of car companies that sadly no longer exists.

6: Panther Westwinds

We start our extinct car companies with Panther Westwinds (also known as Panther). They created a number of luxury and sports cars in Surrey, UK.

It was founded in 1972 by Robert Jankel and made some notable cars such as the Panther Rio and the fabulous 6-wheeled convertible Panther 6. But sadly it was lost to history when in 1992 the plug was pulled out.

Image source: www.mypanther.de

5: Nova

One of the lesser known extinct car companies Nova was based in Southampton and stayed there from 1971 to 1973 then they moved to Accrington, Lancashire until 1975.

Eventually after a few more times after moving it was bought by Aerotec Nova, which is a India-based company, around about in 1996 where it sadly drifted away due to the little amount of cars that were produced.

Image source: Greening Auto Company

4: Saab

Saab is probably one of the bigger names in the car world that went extinct. It first started in 1945 when it was founded by Saab AB.

For a total of 67 years it created cars that were designed for safety, being simple and had brilliant engineering. But sadly it was the end of the road for Saab in 2012 when they sadly died out.

Image source: The Saab Museum

3: Moretti

Moretti just like Nova is one of the lesser known car companies but instead it was based in Italy. First founded in 1925 by Giovanni Moretti to design and create motorbikes. But as the years moved on they had created multiple commercial cars.

Sadly after 64 years of creating car in 1989 they stopped making cars and were lost to history. You can still see many of their sportscars at many European car shows.

Image source: de.wikipedia.org

2: Mercury

Mercury was a American car company part of a division in Ford. It was first ever created in 1938 by Edsel Ford.

After making many extraordinary cars that echoed through history, eventually sales started to drop and in 2011 it sadly went extinct.

Image source: Ford Performance

1: Pontiac

Probably one of the most famous American car companies that went extinct Pontiac was made by General Motors 1926.

They created many of the iconic classic muscle cars today but as time moved on General Motors had to axe Pontiac and many others. The last ever Pontiac built was a 2010 white G6 4 door sedan in January, 2010.

Image source: carsjpg.com

Got any other dead car companies?

These aren't the only car companies that have gone extinct. There are hundreds of more dead car companies. Also which car company would you like to see come back to life again? Why not share the rest of them in the comments below?


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