6 Cars That Should Have Moustaches

      Fact: Moustaches makes everything 100 per cent cooler

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      It is, of course, a known fact that if you put a moustache on something it instantly becomes 100 per cent cooler. Even if you put one on a piece of dog turd it shall become cool (sadly it shall still remain smelly). So I thought why not put a few on cars?

      Ferrari LaFerrari

      Imagine you are driving your Ferrari LaFerrari on the road and it has a mighty moustache on the front. You won't just feel cool because you own a Ferrari but also because you and your Ferrari share the same facial hair (assuming you also have a moustache, of course).

      Jaguar XF

      This Jaaaaaaaag holds a moustache perfectly on its face. Other than making the Jaaaaaag look more caddish it gives it a bit more of a 'Jaggy' look to it as well. You can now go to someone's house and "borrow" a few paintings.

      Fisker Karma

      This car's grill already looked pretty much like a moustache. Why not give it a helping hand by adding a real one? With a real moustache you will for once look cool while saving the environment.

      BMW 507

      Now, this is how a moustache should influence a car. The moustache and the BMW 507 are perfect together like two peas in a pod. Yet again the classics are showing the modern age how to do it properly with style.

      Ford Mustang Series 1 RTR

      Imagine taking some beastly American muscle and adding a moustache. Well, the Ford Mustang Series 1 RTR seems to carry the look pretty well. All the other Mustangs shall be very jealous because of that moustache.

      Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

      This moustache doesn't only make the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster look cool but it shall help you from getting your expensive baby scratched. That is a good buffer if you crash.

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