Being a car enthusiast, there are several things that you always have to take into account. One of those things being, that you won't like every single car on earth. Now most of the time it is probably a case of personal preference, but there are sometimes moments where a car isn't up to scratch. Whether is is build quality, a tarnished brand or maybe it's just not that good looking. Cars that we wouldn't usually go for stand out to us. Gladly there are some cars that we actually like or even love but we probably wouldn't want to admit it! Here's a list of some of my favourites.

1. 2019 Land Rover Defender

The new Defender has caused quite a stir within the motoring world and quite is a bit of an understatement. A lot of people love it thanks to it's modern looks and updated mechanics but a hell of a lot more people hate it because, well 'it's not a Defender' in the traditional sense. Being that it costs a hell of a lot more and is a bit more luxurious with its gadgets and upholstery. Overall though, the new Defender is a fantastic 4x4. It offers a fairly good ride, performance and that all essential Land Rover name, plus it's not the hideous Range Rover Evoque Convertible, so it has that going for it too.

Either way we love the new Defender! Not just for it's heritage but it's nice to see that the new Defender knows it's past but it also knows where it's going in the future... Probably up some muddy feild in Essex, but it's doing it with all it's might and pride in tact and that's what matters!

2. Fiat Multipla

Where do I start with the Fiat Multipla? The double decker lights, bus like door mirrors or maybe it's the 3 front row seats with the oddly placed gear stick. The Multipla definitley has what you would call 'character'. Even though it will always live on as one of the ugliest cars ever made, the Multipla is actually a nice enough, practical car. With the extra seating and large boot, it really makes a good companion for those needing a capacious runabout.

It's by no stretch the most desirable car on this list, but when you can paint one beige, shove a Rover badge on it and call it James. I think, that will make it desirable at least for most of us.

It may have become dated but the Multipla is actually a better looking car than some of the boring things with wheels we see on the road today. At least it's imaginative.

It may have become dated but the Multipla is actually a better looking car than some of the boring things with wheels we see on the road today. At least it's imaginative.

3. Mazda MX5 NA

The Mazda MX5 is one of the cars on this list that could possibly contradict the title but I ask you this. How many people could put up with being made fun of for having the original 'hairdressers car'. The MX5 NA is a fantastic car that re-ignited the sports car market, paving the way for cars from Fiat, BMW, MG, and other manufacturers. I don't need to repeat what many other articles have already said about it's handling, 50:50 weight distribution, peppy engine.

The original MX5 is a fantastic car that's now coming of age to be a classic. It's just a shame biblical rust problems and bad modifications are killing them almost quicker than they can be saved.

4. 2019 Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny is probably one of the longest running 4x4's in the world besides the Defender. It also bears another thing in common with that other 4x4 on this list, which is that, it is the perfect, small off roader to plug the gap left by the old Defender.

Yes it comes in neon green, it has the image of being a small car and the plastic is very... well, plasticky but it does one thing better than the new Defender. It beats it's price point by a mile. The quality is fantastic as you would expect with a Japanese car and its simple. The new defender might be modern and luxurious but if you want quality, affordable, simple, fun, off-roading ability, then the new Jimny is something you might want to consider.

I actually saw this Jimny back in 2019 at the London Motor and Tech show and if I had the money for a spare car to have a laugh in on a weekend then I would have probably bought one!

5. Reliant Bond Bug

Fun is one word that describes the Bond Bug perfectly. Yes it might look like a slice of Red Leicester that fell out of the BFG's picnic basket and yes it was made by Reliant, who were renowned for making cars that didn't set the world alight. But to be quite frank, I don't care. The Bond Bug was fun at a time where miners strikes were dominating the U.K and Cadbury's was shouting out of your TV 'A finger of fudge is just enough'. The Bond Bug didn't want to be 'just enough'! It wanted to give affordable thrills in style.

I know its just a Reliant Regal underneath, but for me the Bond Bug gave the world a little glimpse of how much joy a little 3 wheeled car could give someone, even if your neighbours wouldn't be seen dead in one as they drove around in their Vauxhall Chevette.

6. Ford Mustang MK6

The Ford Mustang has always been a car where it can be cool where ever you go in it, especially the pre-1990's models. But here in the U.K when we lost the beloved Capri in 1986, we had nothing to replace it with. Then we got the Probe in 1994 and then the Puma in 1997. Once the Puma ceased production in 2001 we longed for something else. Eventually we got the Mustang and it was fantastic. There was just one problem in my eyes. It tried too hard. For me it still feels like that today with the MK6. Yes its pretty, very pretty even but for me at least it's one of those cars that looks like you've bought it because you have a certain amount of money and most people know what a Mustang is. This is why a lot of people would want to opt in for something different like the new GT or another brand altogether.

Then again underneath we love it really. It's a Mustang! Who doesn't love a throbbing great engine with a body style that will never really go out of fashion? Even with the V6 in, it's still a fun drive. I took a ride in this V6 Mustang down to Ford Fair a few years back and I loved it. Comfortable, fun and most of all it puts a smile on your face! Whats not to like.

What cars would you like to drive or own, even if you wouldn't admit it?


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