- 1992 Buick Roadmaster 6 door estate Pic Credit: barnfinds.com

6 Door Estate Anyone?

I like estate cars, If you are from the USA you call them station wagons. However, I am not fond of older ones without the wood paneling on the side but, I am however fond of how functional they are. This one however can fit a family that will not fit in a large SUV, and its custom built.

tv with a Videotape player in the 2nd row

Presenting the one of a kind 6 Door Buick Roadmaster. Yes, you are not drunk, high or delusional , I wrote six door. It actually has six doors. It is a 1992 model and was commissioned by Ray Stark (Hollywood Producer), a build priced in 6 figures. It has four rows of seats and more than enough space (trunk and roof). My favourite bit is the TV that is in the 2nd row. It comes with a Video Tape player - the ones you have to rewind to play. If you were born when only DVDs, iPods and USBs were popular well this came before them. It even has foldable tables.

It is big, build is commissioned and comes with some rare (obsolete) technology - sounds like a Rolls, without the price tag. How much - 25,000 USD not bad, it is in a used car garage in Monterey, California. It is quite nice if your SUV cannot fit a large family and I guess the wife will not mind too (unless she is a petrolhead).

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  • Why do I get the feeling that the TV's location and angle looks like it's going to give the viewers neck pains after a good 15 minutes?

      1 year ago
  • Epic😍

      1 year ago