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6 Epic Cars you can Buy RIGHT NOW.

Bored during the awkward Christmas-New Year gap? It's time to browse the classifieds.

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So, here it is, that awkward time between Christmas and New Year where you go to work but do absolutely zero work … because, well, it’s still technically Christmas and there’s likely only three of you in the office.

With The Grand Tour playing on your iPhone, what better way to pass the time than take a look through the plethora of classified websites to see what pretty pieces of metal could fill your dream garage?

That’s exactly what I’m doing … here are six particular highlights that I’ve stumbled across today.

1994 Ferrari F40 Competizione - Bingo Sports World

Photo from Bingo Sports World

Photo from Bingo Sports World

Bingo Sports World has to be one of my favourite car sales websites … mainly because, not only do they have an incredible stocklist, they have the best name ever. Whilst the entire stocklist is ridiculous, this thing is most definitely a highlight.

Listed initially as an F40 LM and then an F40 Competizione, this is actually a more powerful version of the F40 LM that was specially commissioned for customers that wanted their own F40 to race at Le Mans.

Thanks to a bit of tweaking to the fantastic twin-turbocharged V8, the F40 Competizione featured 700hp (200hp more than the standard car) and could apparently reach a top speed of around 228mph.

It also looks awesome, thanks to new racing car aesthetics. Honestly, the Ferrari F40 is already an iconic cool car … so a racing car version that YOU CAN DRIVE ON THE ROAD is just epic.

Take a look

2016 Ginetta G40 - Racecarsdirect

Photo from racecarsdirect.com

Photo from racecarsdirect.com

I’ll be honest, this one is mainly only on the list because I want one and feel like the Ginetta G40 deserves more airtime.

Car writer people (myself included) often refer to certain cars as “basically a racing car for the road”. Well, the Ginetta G40 *is* a racing car for the road, with this particular one spending some of it’s 6,650 miles at actual race weekends on actual race tracks actually racing … as an actual racing car.

The Ginetta G40 is just a very British ‘B-road barnstomer’ that features a 1.8 Ford Duratec engine, a Quaiffe LSD, Protech springs, a plastic driver’s seat, racing harnesses and very little else. This one is actually pretty luxurious though, as it features air con #fancy.

I really don’t care whether it’s practical or reliable … I *WILL* (jeez, stars and capitals) own a Ginetta G40 one day and I will subject you all to countless articles about it.

Someone buy me it please

1998 Pennzoil Nissan Skyline R33 - Racecarsdirect

Photo from Racecarsdirect.com

Photo from Racecarsdirect.com

Gran Turismo fans rejoice, it’s a Pennzoil Skyline that you can actually own! Well, it’s kind of a Pennzoil Skyline … it’s a recreation of the iconic JGTC car.

Based on a 1996 Spec 2 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST, this custom made Pennzoil beast was created with just a diecast model of the car as reference. Apparently the custom aerokit itself took eight months to create.

Obviously, it’s a shame that it’s a replica and not the real thing, but the silverlining is that you could rock up to Japshow and Japfest 2020 in this iconic Godzilla-mobile and win all the prizes. Just think of all the likes on the ‘gram.

Power comes from a fully forged Spec 1 RB25DET with a Garrett T40E attached, apparently it’s capable of 700+PS … which means this replica racing car isn’t all mouth and no trousers

Apparently, it isn’t road legal, which is a shame. I wonder how much work it’d take to make it an insane daily driver?

Go forth and view the majesty!

1974 Lotus 76-2 Formula One Car - Hall & Hall

Photo from Hall & Hall

Photo from Hall & Hall

It honestly amazes me that any mere mortal (with many ££) can just go and buy something like this. Like, surely owning a John Player Special F1 car should require some form of check?!

Anyway, designed by Colin Chapman, Tony Rudd and Ralph Bellamy, this Lotus 76 saw action with Team Lotus in the 1974 Formula One season – driven by Ronnie Peterson and Jacky Ickx.

It was basically a ‘more advanced’ version of the Lotus 72, featuring a lighter chassis, longer wheelbase, a bi-plane rear wing and an electronically operated clutch.

Initially, Lotus saw the 76 as a major breakthrough … later, they decided it was actually the opposite. Meh, it’s an actual John Player Special F1 car … why wouldn’t you want to own it?

2015 Honda S660 - Car from Japan

Photo from carfromjapan.com

Photo from carfromjapan.com

Right, so far, this list has been mainly filled with totally unattainable (for most) racing cars. So here’s an affordable to buy and run kei car.

At the moment, this cool little two-seater is living in Japan, but you can import it for a not ridiculous sum of money. It’s the successor to the awesome Honda Beat, so you can’t go wrong.

Power comes from a 660cc engine that sends about 63hp to the rear wheels … which is admittedly pretty tiny. Then again, the thing weighs just 830kg and this particular one features a manual gearbox.

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve no idea how good it’d be to drive, but it’s yellow, mid-engined and rear-wheel drive … so it’s basically a really cheap supercar. That’s sound logic, right?

Take a look and let me know.

1992 Nissan Skyline R32 - Pistonheads

That’s right, I’ve thrown two Godzillas into this list. When this one looks this good though, how couldn’t I?

This is a legit R32 GTR that was imported from the Land of the Rising Sun back in 2015. Ever since then (and probably before because Japan) it’s been super well cared for and it shows.

It’s black with gold wheels, pretty much untouched (externally, at least), has 440bhp and has actual Japanese road time. I don’t really know what to say, it’s just perfect and I want it.

Take a look ... don't you agree with me?

Obviously, my hours of searching through classified websites turned up a load more epic things than just these six … but I’m pretty sure that you’d all get pretty bored if I wrote ‘1000 epic things I found for sale’. Do you know of some things that I’ve missed off the list? Let me know in the comments!

(NOTE: none of these sellers/websites are endorsed by Drivetribe or me and none have paid to be on this list … lol, I wish they had. If you buy any of these, it isn’t my fault if they break!)

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  • Now if it was the Calsonic skyline I would be getting my pen and paper and writing a letter to Santa (because he definitely does exist) and asking for it. That Ferrari is just WOW

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