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6 Modern Sports Car Bargains I Didn't Know Were This Cheap

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Have you ever realised how much cheaper holidays are when you set the booking date outside of the summer? Because I was staggered to learn that I could sod off to Rome in March for half as much as it would be in July or August. Same place, same hotel, half the price.

Unbelievable. Though, it's probably not surprising as most people are at work in March - meaning there'll be less demand for tourist hospitality. Simple maths, really. Although, I am strongly considering a bargain break at some point early next year when I have a free week...

Talking of surprising value for money, I decided to spend my free evening last night searching the classified ads for recent sports cars. You know, the kind of thing you'd imagine came out yesterday, but has actually aged quite a few years.

I was staggered at how much money these cars have lost, and today, I'm highlighting a few standouts;

Porsche 991 - from £40,000

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2012 is almost a decade ago, and that makes me feel old. And the current going prices of early 991s shows it!

£40,000 will get you a relatively fresh, well-equipped, modern 911 Carrera which isn't as outdated as you might think and - being an early car - with the naturally aspirated flat six engine.

Compared to the circa £70,000-ish asking price when new, these have certainly held their money better than others. The 991 is worth thinking about next time you're out shopping.

Jaguar F-Type - from £25,000

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This one surprised me; it didn't seem that long ago when the F-Type hit the roads a few years ago, yet they've already taken a massive price dip.

£25,000 will get you a basic 3.0 litre, 335bhp car. For the big daddy - the V8 R - you'll be expected to pay up at least £35,000.

THAT, if you ask me, is extraordinarily good value. I challenge you to name me a cooler car from this decade that can be picked up for 35 grand... I'll wait.

Maserati Granturismo - from £20,000

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This one is a little bit older than the rest of the heard, but I couldn't ignore that fact you can bag a modern V8 Maserati for only £20,000 these days.

That's insane value for money, considering you can still buy these things new (albeit, with many improvements). But I still think you have to question why on earth anyone would buy one new?

It's literally pointless.

BMW I8 - from £40,000

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I've actually been following the market for these since launch; and if you have as well, you'll have noticed that they depreciated faster than a frog catching a fly.

It took 5 years for the car to lose well over half its original value. I think this is because of two things:

1. BMW's factory warranty only lasts 3 years.

2. Nobody wants to risk running an I8 with all it's fancy space tech after that runs out.


They seem to have held up pretty well. And prices haven't really moved since they hit 40 grand at the beginning of this year, so maybe, JUST maybe, it'll be a solid buy. And what a car for the money!

Mercedes AMG GT - from £60,000

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I hope I'm not alone on this, but the AMG GT feels like a car that came out 2 years ago rather than 4. I guess with myself storming through College and 1/3 of the way through Uni, time flies very quickly.


So, I was surprised to find that Merc's 911 rival can be picked up for the price of a new C63 saloon. So much so, I've become increasingly curious to see how much further they have to fall - I don't predict it'll be much.

It surprised me especially because I remember them going for the same money as a second-hand SLS. And choosing between those is a bit of a no-brainer, isn't it?

Now however, the market is making sense. The Gullwings are going north of £130,000, whereas it's more sedate replacement is not even worth half that.

I think the AMG GT is a great car for the money!

McLaren's Sports Series cars - from £80,000

Image credit: Auto Trader UK

There's been a lot of talk lately about McLaren's lack of quality control and the fact they're churning out new models every other week. The rate of development in Woking is mental, yet reliability reports aren't always positive...

What this does mean though, is that the used prices of McLarens are well on their way down. And that can equate to some serious bargains - such as those from the 'Sports Series' lineup.

I was staggered to see a 540C for sale for only £82,000! That's almost 50 grand knocked off the list price and... it's a McLaren! I needed a few minutes to work out how that was possible.

Personally, I would look out for a 570S or GT. They're hovering around the 100 grand mark at the minute, but in the years to come, those will be one of the best-value cars you can get.

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I hope you enjoyed this article. I know there will be many other cars missed, so feel free to add them below in the comments and we can discuss ;)