- H​ere it is right as I agreed to buy it.

6​ Months of Car Ownership

I​ have owned my car for 6 month now, here is how it was gone.

10w ago

I bought my car on March 23 2020, so wednesday will be the day I have owned it for half a year. Side note, this is my first article so please bear with me. Anyway I had been looking for a car for a long time, about a year and half and nothing had worked out. As you would think I was very anxious to find a car and I was checking cregslist pretty often. I happened to log on and saw it right at the top of the feed. I knew I wanted a car like this so I called the seller immediately. I set up a time to see it for the next day and was very excited about it.

The sellers where at older couple who always kept it in the garage and maintained at the dealer. there where asking NADA value which was 4,800$. These cars are very popular in the state I live in so its hard to come them, especially one this well taken car of. Once I got to test drive the car it was near perfect no shakes, not pulls, no odd noise or vibrations. It was going to need an exhaust. It also needed a battery because the battery was the original one that came with the car! that means it was like 12 years old. We drove the car home and I so happy that I finally found a car for me.

​After about 6 months of owning it here are the things I have had to replace, The battery, the exhaust from cat back, rear break calipers, and the coolant reservoir, so nothing too big.

M​y "Review" of the car

I​ am definitely happy with my purchase 6 months later. The car drives very nice, its got decent pick up, good visibility, and AWD. The car is very comfortable and stable and the cabin is pretty quiet.

It drives nice, but it definitely isn't a small car nor does it drive like one, it feels like a boat sometimes with the way it moves around on its suspension so its great on the highway and will happily sit at 70-80 MPH. Its very a comfortable cabin and one you could spend many hours in.

The 2.5L turbo charged 5 cylinder engine produces 208 HP and 236 pound-feet of torque. I average around 20 MPG, I have seen 23 or so on highway not never better the 25MPG. The 5 speed auto works, but I would prefer a manual.

It being a pretty big car there is more than enough trunk space. Over all its a great car for me and I am so glad that I found it. I can't wait to drive it in the snow, I already bought snows so I am ready for snow, don't worry there not on yet!

Thank you all of reading, I really appreciate it!

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  • Great article

    Also amazing choice of car 😍

    No one actively hates Volvo estates

      2 months ago
  • Nice article. I love the car, great choice

      2 months ago
  • Excellent article! Excellent car too! It hard not to like a good Volvo estate

      2 months ago