6 things motorcyclists do to annoy each other

1y ago


Just like any other hobby, there are plenty of idiots who own motorcycles. Some would even argue it's a disproportionate number...

Here's just some of the things bikers do that annoy their fellow riders. Don't take this list too seriously!

Pointlessly revving your engine

Congratulations, youve bought yourself a Racefit exhaust and now your GSX-R is loud as hell. The thing is, you're only impressing five-year olds with your fartbox redlining at 15,000rpm. Give it a rest - this also goes for cruiser riders with 'Screamin' Eagle' pipes. Don't leave the thing idling for so long, it's more annoying than a screaming baby.

Refusing to filter

Even though this has no effect on me personally, it really annoys me when I see a motorcycle sat in the traffic with the cars, refusing to filter. It's arguably safer to make your way through the traffic as the car that's following is less likely to shunt you up the rear.

Seriously, why did you buy a bike if you're just going to sit in traffic? It's usually BMW GS riders who do this, and the POLITE vest lot. Speaking of which...

Dressing like a cop

Seriously. Stop doing it.

Story time: There's a Honda Deaville rider based in South Wales who wears the whole 'POLITE' vest and helmet, with lookalike police markings all over the bike - but he doesn't stop there! The bloke parks on motorway bridges and even 'pulls over' other bikes and cars to 'educate' them on their riding/driving.

The 'POLITE' vests just make everyone else hate you and do nothing for the image of motorcyclists, so pack it in!

Sticking tat to your helmet

It started with stick on ears and mohicans, then progressed to tiger tails and finally to full-blown helmet covers.

Again, if wearing a Cookie Monster costume is your thing, go for it! Just remember, everyone else isn't laughing WITH you...

Straight line warriors

Anyone can go fast in a straight line, it's the corners that take a bit of skill. So when you're out for a gentle weekend ride and a BMW S1000RR rider (it's usually them...) goes past at mach 3, leaving six inches of space, it's pretty annoying. Especially when it's a dead straight road.

Then you catch him through the next set of bends as he hangs off as much as physically possible, whilst banking over to a dizzying 5 degrees of lean. Do a trackday, learn how to corner. It'll keep you out of the hedges - and don't expect a car to see you at a junction when you blast through at 170mph.

Being ignorant

It's generally cruiser riders who are guilty of this - they'll wave or nod at their own kind but steadfastly refuse to acknowledge anyone else. It's the same with BMW GS riders and it causes a 'them & us' culture between different groups of riders. We're all out on the road enjoying our bikes for the same reasons, so a quick tilt of the head or a wave isn't too much to ask, is it?

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