6​0 Second Brief: What is the new McLaren Arturo?

A​nd... shock horror... it's not a V8!!!

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S​o... what is it?

T​his is McLaren's replacement for the current sports series range. In case you don't know it inside out, that's the 540C/570S/570GT/600LT/620R. Moving away from the numerical naming seems like a good idea for McLaren, and you never know, in 20 years this name might actually mean something! For now, it sounds like the name of an off-brand computer company!

I​mage Credits - Motor1

I​mage Credits - Motor1



M​acca's new baby will use a hybrid V6, which is the first entirely new engine from the company since the V8 was first introduced! We don't know performance stats yet, just that it will be between the 611bhp GT and 720bhp... ahem... 720S. So it's expected to have around 650bhp in stock form (which may be why they changed the name), an electric range of 30 miles, 0-60 in under 3 seconds and a price tag of around £150k.

W​hat else should I know?

A​t the same time as trademarking the 'Artura' name, McLaren trademarked 'Arkon', 'Veo', 'Vion' and 'GTZ'. So for all we know, these hint towards some future hyper and supercars! Also, this car will use McLaren's even lighter MCLA carbon fibre tub rather than the old MonoCell one. Despite McLarens always being the lightest in their class anyway, this takes it another step. As such, despite having a battery pack now, the Arturo will be within 20 kgs of the 570S' 1,300 kg (2895 pound) kerb weight!


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