6000 American Teslas are being recalled to tighten some bolts

Put the brakes on lads! Wait they don't actually work

8w ago

Recalls happen all the time. Its where manufacturer spots a fault within the design of the car then brings the cars back in to fit the solution; hopefully free of charge.

Today Tesla is the next manufacturer to issue a recall and its because some bolts can work their way loose. These bolts are on the brake callipers, allowing the calliper to come into contact with the wheel and damage that. It can also lead to lower tyre pressures as a result.

In extreme circumstances that could lead to a crash but nobody has crashed because of this issue according to a Tesla-filed report to the NHTSA(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). It is also stated that a crash from this was "unlikely" and would only happen in "very rare circumstances."

It affects 6000 cars sold in the USA. They include Model 3s and Model Ys made between 2019 and 2021 but obviously 6000 isn't all of the model examples made in that time period.

Tesla was made aware of the issue when a 2021MY Model Y was missing a fastener on the left-rear brake calliper. They will resolve this by inspecting then either tightening or replacing the bolts. They have already applied changes to the production line so that future cars don't repeat the mistake.

At least no real damage was done here.

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  • At least tightening some bolts isn't gonna win the price of dumbest reason to recall. That's going to Renault who recalled cars in Australia to black out a sentence in the manual

      1 month ago
    • A sentence! How rude could that be?

        1 month ago
    • Ok, now we want to know the sentence in question.

        1 month ago
  • The woman at the shanghai motor show proved the brakes were failing

      29 days ago