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I finally feel confident to post something again

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Disclaimer: I tend to ramble on and get distracted way too easily

As per usual, it's been a while since my last post and even general activity on here. I went through a phase of deep hate towards myself because I felt that I am not capable enough to own an older car.

Now, there has come a change. Currently I'm still working for the red cross as an ambulance driver (I've got medical knowledge but I'm not a paramedic) as part of my voluntary social year. I've applied at a dealership for a vocational training to become a car mechanic, and I got accepted. I'll be working there for the next three and a half years at least, starting on the first of September. I'm very excited since this will basically teach me everything I want to know and I can spend time working on cars, which I thoroughly enjoy. On top of that my mental health, along with my self confidence, has drastically improved. I feel like I can make things possible. I don't doubt myself constantly anymore. Everything is a progress but I might have just reached a new checkpoint on my way out of my own misery.

The 626 has just passed the TÜV without any faults, apart from a broken clutch slave cylinder. The gearbox oil change worked wonders as well and the gearbox and engine finally harmonise again. It's been ages since I've enjoyed driving my car. There was a time when I only saw the cost of owning a car. Driving had become a chore. Then I got my new job and, as you can see on the photos down below, I met another GD 626 Coupe owner. Some might say that meeting a likeminded person isn't on par with getting a new job and, objectively, that's definitely true. But subjectively speaking, I've felt left alone. I have awesome friends who know a lot about cars but sadly, they are living too far away to visit regularly and none of them has ever owned a GD 626. With a car that has become scarily rare these days, it's always exciting to meet fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for said car. I originally saw a post about his Mazda on the Instagram page of the Mazda Classic Museum and sent him a message. We got along well and decided to meet at the aforementioned Mazda Museum. That's where I took these photos today.

Two black GD 626 Coupes. I absolutely love the site of them sitting next to each other. His GLX, 2.2l SOHC i4, 115 hp, 180 NM of torque at 2000 rpm and four wheel steering. My GT, 2.0l DOHC i4, 140 hp, 178 NM of torque at 4000 rpm and, well, only two wheel steering. Both are daily driven. It's just that mine doesn't like hills.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading and have a nice day/ night.

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Comments (21)

  • Nice Coupe; don’t see those around anymore.

      4 days ago
    • Once best selling import car. Now, well, it has sadly become really rare. But at least not completely extinct.

        4 days ago
  • I love your 626 coupe and am astonished you found another person who owns one and met up with them, good luck on working on cars and even though it seems daunting, I've realized it really isnt and I hope you do too. Again good luck and I loved your article and how you get easily distracted as it makes the articles much more entertaining.

      7 days ago
    • Thank you so much. I was surprised to find somebody else with another Coupe aswell. Especially because it's black aswell. Even the rear part of the license plates match which imo truly is funny. I'm glad someone likes the way I write. I have...

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        7 days ago
    • It's not bad not knowing how to fix cars but at least you're trying which will definitely help and I'm glad that you know your way of doing it.

        7 days ago
  • Sehr coole Bilder mit den zwei und Glückwunsch zum Job und TÜV. Machst du dann eine Ausbildung bei der Werkstatt?

      7 days ago
    • Genau, Ausbildung zum KFZ Mechatroniker. Ich bin echt froh, dass ich endlich meine eigene Unfähigkeit beheben kann.

        7 days ago
    • Sehr cool, dann kannst du ja dein Auto selber reparieren mit den Sachen die du dort lernst. Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr hat übrigens nichts mit Unfähigkeit zu tun, hast meinen Respekt dafür machen nicht viele Leute.

        7 days ago
  • Awesome 😁

      8 days ago