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66% of Americans say they know how to use a manual transmission

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4w ago

While manual gearboxes are still the majority in the European car fleet, they are clearly overshadowed by their automatic counterparts in the land of Uncle Sam. As a result, offering a car with a clutch pedal is still a matter of debate among American brands.

With this in mind, Cadillac has launched a survey to defend the choice of a manual transmission on the future CT4/5-V Blackwing. Conducted in November 2020, the study revealed some particularly surprising results. 55% of Americans say they have ever owned or leased a manual car.

Even more surprisingly, 66% of them admit being able to drive stick. In detail, 71% of those who have owned or leased a manual car would be willing to drive one. For those who have never owned or leased a manual transmission, this proportion drops to 43%.

However, 69% of those who know how to use three pedals would consider a manual car again. Conversely, only 38% of those who have only had an automatic transmission are considering a manual car. Generally speaking, it is young Americans who are most attracted to manual cars (62% of 18-34 year olds).

Photo credits Cadillac

Photo credits Cadillac

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Comments (48)

  • The principle of it and practice are two different things. I think the question ought to be more specific.

      1 month ago
    • I agree but I don't think a manual is that much more difficult to drive (I've only ever driven manuals so I might wrong)

        1 month ago
    • Most Americans drive autos so can imagine lots of gear crunching. Most people can master manuals quickly but to drive them properly takes practice.

        1 month ago
  • Probably one of the reasons for the Viper's death.

      1 month ago
  • here is the thing, Im American, 16, have a licence but I dont even own a car yet, and my parents both have autos, but yet thanks to YT, racing sims and Drivetribe, I feel fairly confident in my ability to drive a manual

      1 month ago
    • Its a good start, but lacks the "feel" part. The clutch pedal requires just as much finesse and gentle touch as the accelerator and brakes. You have to be aware of where the power band is. Most people pick it up quickly.

        26 days ago
  • Principal and practice are two COMPLETLEY different things. I know a few guys who "can drive a manual" but id never let them anywhere NEAR my car.

      1 month ago
  • I prefer a manual, but dealers make it hard to buy them, or the manufacturers put them only in poorly optioned cars.

      1 month ago