‘68 BSA Royal Star – The Gasbox

Two exclusive Jesse Basset builds in as many weeks? Damn we spoil you guys. Here's the very latest BIKE from Ohio's The GasBox.

3y ago


For decades, British bikes dominated the market and played the biggest role of all in fuelling the original Cafe Racer revolution. But when the Japanese hit full swing, it wasn’t long before once great companies that were household names went bust. Triumph and Norton are now back in full swing, creating modern machines and retro remakes that pay homage to their most beloved models. So with news Indian giant Mahindra have acquired the license to start producing BSA’s once again, only time will tell if they too will join the modern retro market. Should they need any further convincing that classic BSA’s have stood the test of time, they need only to take a look at this picture perfect example. Hot on the heels of their Triumph build from last week The GasBox of Ohio deliver this stunning 1968 BSA Royal Star, built for an owner who, like us, decided one GasBox bike just wasn’t enough.

If you visit The GasBox website you’ll not only see a collection of finished builds but a section dedicated to old bikes in need of some serious love. These are available as the base for customers who don’t have a bike to bring to the party. When a Porsche collecting gentleman from Maine saw a Ducati 350 Single in a state of disrepair on the website he contacted Jesse and the build began immediately. That bike went on to be a hit right here on Pipeburn at the start of the year. But when the owner was visiting The GasBox workshop he noticed a bunch of BSA’s around the place.

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  • This bike is rad incarnate.

      3 years ago