690 reasons to love motards

2y ago


It wheelies! I have only ridden a KTM 690 SMC R once, but that was all it took. Just roll on that throttle and up she goes. No pulling on the bars. No moving to the back of the seat. No timing the gas to perfection to get that lift. It just does the thing! Click, Clack, Boom!

Those looks! Oh my... Owning a DRZ myself, I often gaze at a 690 with envy. As if that wasn't enough, killa sticker kits are widely available too! Making that 690 looking even more bowss in no time at all.

Puff puff pass...

The handling! It's a motard, twisties are always fun once backing it in becomes the norm. :)

All and all the 690 is THE ONE. Ermmm, maybe not anymore. The Husky 701. Damn! That thing! Unfortunately I haven't manhandled one yet... But one can (moistly) dream.

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