6x6 Renault 5 1980

2y ago


The 6x6 Renault 5 was built by Frenchman Christian de Leotard in the 1980s.

He was also the man responsible for a 6x6 Range Rover that appeared in the late 70s, and he wanted to try the same trick with the humble Renault 5.

Leotard asked the help to Pierre Tissier the man behind the transformation of many Citroën sedan into ambulances, vans and car carriers.

The R5 had an extensively reinforced frame with square-section tubing, a part of a B-pillar bodywork and a Hydrostatic transmission similar to what would be found on a tracked vehicle.

That car had a 5 Alpine engine in the front, and a Renault 5 Turbo unit in the back. It had two gearboxes with two synchronised levers.

All six wheels are driven, there's a half-dozen disc brakes, and the car was good to haul almost 1600 lbs.

One of the converted cars took on the Dakar rally 1980. As if that wasn't enough madness, Leotard also created a Renault 5 Turbo Version.

Turbo R5 was a mid-engined very powerful but Leotard didn't find it hot enough: he kept the standard front engine as well, making a twin-engined, 6-wheeled beast.

Sadly, this twin-engined machine is thought to have been destroyed in a 2003 fire, while the Dakar version was last reported to be rotting away in a museum in Cannes.

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