7 amazing bespoke cars by Rolls-Royce

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2019 was a great year for Rolls-Royce. The British marque sold 5,152 cars last year and that includes several limited edition vehicles and one-offs built under commission with the Bespoke Collection badge.

Everything about any RR is over the top, including prices, but it gets even more extreme with Bespoke Collection cars. The attention to detail is out of this world. So I thought I'd put together seven cars build by RR in 2019 and I think you'll find that some of the cars here could outshine everything else in most modern art museums around the globe. This post is going to be much longer than average but trust me, the cars are worth it.

Million-Stitch Rose Phantom

The Million-Stitch Rose is a one-off, floral-themed Rolls-Royce Phantom built for Ayad Al Saffar, a Lebanese-born Swedish entrepreneur with a passion for flowers. The entire car, from the bodywork to the interior and the embroidery, is dedicated to its owner's devotion to flowers.

The Peacock Blue exterior of the Rose Phantom matches the Charles blue and Peacock blue interior adorned with embroidered stems, roses and flowers. Even the glass fronted fascia, the centre console and the dashboard follow the same theme. Most custom made one-offs tend to be rather vulgar but I think this is beautifully made.

Ghost Zenith

Rolls-Royce created the Ghost Zenith Collection to celebrate the experimental 200EX, the concept car that spawned the production version of the Ghost, introduced in 2009. They made 50 units of those, with a commemorative ingot, made from the original Spirit of Ecstasy of 200EX, set into the centre console of each car.

Both the Spirit of Ecstasy and the clock are engraved with the Zenith name in each of these cars and inside, you'll find ambient lighting, perforated leather and the embroidery in the rear seats takes inspiration from the original 1907 Silver Ghost.

Bayside Dawn Aero Cowling

Now the Dawn Aero Cowling was actually built in 2018 but I wanted to talk about it anyway because, well, I like it. It was specifically commissioned by a customer in Yokohama, Japan and built with a maritime theme.

There's an Canadel open-pore teak panel behind the seats, on the tonneau cover, and the same material was used for the dashboard. I like the colour combination with that gorgeous mixture of blue, black and grey for the exterior paint and the deep orange for the interior. Beautiful.

Digital Soul Phantom

The Digital Soul Phantom comes with Carrara White and Smokey Quartz two-tone exterior paint but it looks more or less standard from the outside and in fact, were it not for the gold Spirit of Ecstasy, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between a regular Phantom and a Digital Soul Phantom. However, it does feature crazy interior with gold plating and actual gold inlays. The design is a combination of craftsmanship and computer programming.

The surface is designed by an algorithm that transmits the data into a super-powerful (I know, not exactly a technical term) 3D Printer which creates the actual object in stainless steel. The final product is then hand-polished and plated in 24-carat gold and applied to the interior. Then, gold inlays are set, by hand, in Smoked Eucalyptus wood.

Horology Phantom

I'm not a watch expert but I'm a watch enthusiast and that automatically makes this, the Horology Phantom, my favourite Phantom ever. Rolls-Royce designed this car with the help of master horologists from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

It features a Gunmetal and Black two-tone exterior finish, a gold and silver hand-painted twin coachline with watch-inspired design. The Spirit of Ecstasy is also cloaked in 24-carat gold. The Horology also features the largest stainless steel and gold inlay fascia ever made for a Phantom, with plenty of horological details on the dashboard as well.

Pebble Beach Pastel Ghost, Dawn and Wraith

The Pastel Collection Ghost, Dawn and Wraith were unveiled, and showcased, at Pebble Beach, last year. These are technically Black Badge cars and Rolls-Royce did it deliberately to "reaffirm the notion that a Rolls-Royce Black Badge need not necessarily be black". Well, I see what they mean with that.

The Ghost Black Badge Pastel features Light Green Solid paint, with black leather adorned with Serenity Green details. The Dawn is painted in Coral Solid with Artic White and Sunset interior. The Wraith is painted Semaphore Yellow with Selby Grey and Lemon interior. Wonderful stuff.

The Arabian Gulf Phantom

I'm fairly sure a lot of people in the comments are going to see this is the best car here and I totally get that. This is beautiful. The Arabian Gulf Phantom features rich colours, both in and outside, starting with the Turchese exterior hue Andalusian White two-tone recalls.

Inside you'll find a Nautilus shell embroidered on the Phantom’s rear doors, and a splendid Mother of Pearl marquetry on the picnic tables’ fascia. This is stunning.

So what's your favourite Rolls-Royce here? Let me know in the comments.

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