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7​ cars on my Christmas list this year

I​'ve narrowed it down to 7. But boy was it hard...

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I​t's that time of year again when your hopes and dreams come true in a magical and cold fashion, unless you don't live in NY State. It's that time when that thing you have begged for months and months ago, can finally be yours. This is at least typical with normal people. We aren't normal.

Weirdly, this is only my first car Christmas list, so bear with me here. However, this is more than just a list of cars I want sitting in my driveway. This is also a list of cars that, over the past year, I have never knew I wanted so badly. But then again, I can't be bothered to sell a kidney and an eyeball for these. So without further ado, here are the Top 7 cars on my Christmas list this year.

#​7 - Bentley Brooklands - The I've gone completely Mental" Factor

C​redit - RM Sotheby's

C​redit - RM Sotheby's

I​f you would have told me last year that there would have been a Bentley on a car to-do list; I would have thought you've gone mental. But it appears, here we are, and it looks like I'm the mental one.

T​he Bentley Brooklands is basically some dead cows with wheels and an occasional headlight. Even though it has a rather unassuming coupe look to it, it is, in a word, completely bonkers. A 6.8L V8 powers it and, rather unsurprisingly, tears the tires up like acne to a teenager's face! It weighs just shy of your average London bus and even has ELEVEN different cowhides in the interior. It's basically like driving James May's living room with full boost. It's bonkers, brash, and totally NOT economical, and those are the reasons I want one.

#​6 - Jaguar XF Sportbrake - The "I will become a dad" factor

C​redit - Jalopnik

C​redit - Jalopnik

S​imilarly with the brutish and not-so-British Bentley, I would have never thought I would have ever wanted a wagon. But thanks to common sense and reason, even though I have none of those, I have decided I do genuinely want a wagon.

T​he Jag XF Sportbrake is the wagon we all wanted, but not the wagon we are all buying. Sure, it isn't the greatest car to have ever roamed the streets, but neither was the Toyota Supra, and people seem to like that. Anyway, if there is any way you could make a wagon cool, it is simply to put the Jaguar emblem on the front and then glue another to the back for good measure. And that's really it for me. It's a Jag wagon, so it's cool.

#​5 - Dodge Viper - The "It has a V10" Factor

C​redit - Dodge

C​redit - Dodge

I​ have always been fond of the Viper. I have always been fond of Dodge. Therefore, it staggers me that I never find myself saying "I want that." Until now...

S​omeone must have given me a good ol' kick in the poopshoot recently, because I have gone krazee for the Viper. Is it the V10? Yes. Is it the lunacy? A bit. Is it the fact that I want the name to comeback and think that my kind words will make that happen? Yup, that's it. So people of wherever you are, say some kind words, because if claim to be into cars, you have to be into the Viper. It is the Bible under the dust of your forgotten bookshelf.

#​4 - Alfa Romeo GTA-m! The "I'd better drive something sexy" Factor

C​redit - YouTube

C​redit - YouTube

I​ feel like the easiest (and most stylish) way to get into Vintage Racing is to buy an Alfa. Mildly fast, mildly tame, mildly inexpensive, but really REALLY gorgeous!

T​he GTAm is Alfa's little 1960's gem. Very few even know that it exists, and don't worry, because I didn't really know either, but know that I do, I just have a lust to sell myself just to drive one. Alfa had the grocery-getting handbag that was the GTV. Then the more powerful GTA, which ultimately led to this. Lightweight, nimble, and sexier than a zebra in a thong, it is the best possible way to get some track days crossed off your list, and have, simply put, the best time of your life.

#​3 - Aston Martin DBR-1 - The "I have a more expensive car than you" Factor

C​redit - RM Sotheby's

C​redit - RM Sotheby's

I​t won Le Mans. It is green. It is an Aston. And it is the most expensive British engineered car ever. Ring a bell?

O​f course, I am talking about the very beautiful and very expensive Aston Martin DBR-1. You already knew this of course because the picture is displayed above, and that picture is all you really need to see. But it also has a screamer of a straight-six, which again is all you really need.

#​2 - Eagle Speedster - The "best car there is" Factor

C​redit - EagleGB

C​redit - EagleGB

T​he Eagle Speedster is a modern interpretation on an inspirational classic. It isn't an E-Type, it is an Eagle.

Even though this thing costs as much as your typical moon, it is, in my eyes better than an E-Type. The only thing you really want from an E-Type is the looks and the engine. And this, this is both of those, with serious modifications to everything else. Once I saw this thing for the first time, I immediately fell in love. And I know that I will never own any of these cars, but it's good to dream, right? Weirdly, this isn't even my number one though...

#​1 - Mercedes-Benz G63 6X6 - The "It has 6 wheels" Factor

C​redit - RM Sotheby's

C​redit - RM Sotheby's

There isn't much to say about this one. It has a nice interior, one that you shouldn't dribble brown liquid all over. It also is great off-road thanks to it's extra axle and Tech straight from Steve Job's brain. I can't think of much more to say other than, like all of these, I want it. There is no real reason, I just want it. And although they only made two and they cost a small fortune, I want it. Period end of story.

W​hat car's are on your Christmas list? Comment Below!

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Comments (9)

  • 1) Porsche 992 912 Carrera S (and maybe GTS)

    2) Bentley Continental GT

    3) Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

    4) Ferrari 812 Superfast

    5) Jaguar F-Type facelift

    6) BMW M3

    7) VW Golf R

      1 year ago
    • Very modern list! Like all but the Bugatti personally

        1 year ago
    • I only wanted the bugatti Bc I wouldn’t think of anything else. I’ll change it to a BMW M3

        1 year ago
  • Just as well I've got you in Secret Santa, because I'm keeping the Brooklands and you're getting a real E-Type, not one with oedema.

      1 year ago
  • 1. BMW M4

    2. Porsche 911 Carrera S 992

    3. Lamborghini Huracan Evo

    4. BMW M5

    5. BMW E46 M3

    6. Mclaren 720S

    7. Lamborghini Diablo

      1 year ago