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7 cars to survive a zombie apocalypse in

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It's Halloween today which means we're looking at cars that will survive a zombie apocalypse. When you're looking for a car that will survive an apocalypse, it should be strong, reliable and powerful.

We are looking at cars from all over the world today so there will be cars on this list from America, Germany, the UK, Japan and Russia. We hope you enjoy today's article and enjoy your Halloween, no matter if you're spending it with friends or family.

Here are the seven cars we selected that will survive a zombie apocalypse.

Chevrolet Tahoe Z71

Image Source: Jalopnik

The Chevrolet Tahoe is one of America's biggest SUVs and it sure has plenty to offer. The Tahoe comes with either 7 or 8 seats, has plenty of storage solutions for vital supplies and has a powerful 5.3 litre V8 which is good for 355bhp and 383 lb ft of torque as standard. The Z72 package further toughens the car with many off road goodies, which will come in useful when you're out and about in the wasteland.

Mercedes E-Class (W210)

Image Source: IMCDb.org

In Germany, the Mercedes E-Class is one of the most common taxi's on the roads. Many of these last for well over 500,00km (310,000 miles), with some covering double that. This alone makes it one of the toughest cars ever made. With this generation of E-Class, they are dirt cheap now, with many being sold for under £2000 which makes them a bargain.

Toyota Hilux AT38 6x6

Image Source: Yandex

As proven on Top Gear when it was still a decent car show, the Toyota Hilux is one of the most indestructible cars you can buy. Well, Artic Trucks who built the Hilux which went up an Icelandic volcano, has created a 6x6 version. This version is even more extreme than their regular Hilux and is awesome for it. The AT38 6x6 is still powered by the basic 3.0-litre diesel with 169bhp and 265lb ft of torque. Fuel economy is good too as the AT38 will go 800 miles between fill ups.

Ford F150 Raptor

Image Source: Kelley Blue Book/YouTube

With a name like Raptor, you expect the Ford F150 Raptor to be tough. Built on America's best selling truck, the F150 Raptor will be able to tackle anything from fallen trees to running over say, a hoard of zombies. It's fast too, thanks it it's 3.5 litre EcoBoost V6, which is good for 450bhp and 510lb ft of torque. Yes, this truck is more powerful than the Mustang GT and the BMW M4. The F150 Raptor has also been entered into the Baja 1000 in stock form which is truly impressive.

Subaru Outback

Image Source: Chatham Parkway Subaru

We're big fans of Subaru's here at Second Gear and we love the Outback. You get all the space and practicality of a station wagon and the off road credentials of a SUV. Yes, this family wagon can go further off road than many modern SUVs. Power comes from a 2.5 litre flat-4 engine which is good for 175bhp and 173lb ft of torque. However, if you can find one with the more powerful flat-6 engine, go for that.

Lada Niva

Image Source: Lada.ru

A car which started life in 1977, has become one of the go to cars for off roading if you live in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. It's so good, it's still sold as a new car today with little changes since its introduction 41 years ago. Regardless if you get an original model or a newer model, a lot of parts are interchangeable. It's also an incredibly basic car too, with very little to go wrong with it.

Land Rover Defender

Image Source: favcars.com

The Land Rover Defender may not be on sale anymore (well until the new one comes out), but that doesn't stop it being one of the best off roading vehicles ever made. Like the Lada Niva, the Defender's basic design didn't change much over its 64 year life span, with the exception of periodical updates to keep it relatively modern. Defender's are popular in the UK and European off roading scene and will last forever if they're looked after properly.

Which one would you have?

Let's say the zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow and you have to pick one of these seven cars, which one would you go for? Let us know in the comments below.

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