7 Cool & Crazy Engine Swaps

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Where ever you look in the car community there are always cool project cars and engine swaps, but these build have gone above and beyond to create the craziest engine swaps.

1. Ryan Tuerck's 458 powered GT86

The 458 V8 powered GT86 was built by American drifter Ryan Tuerck. He replaced the standard 200hp 4 cylinder boxer engine with a 562hp Ferrari 458 engine and added a 7 speed dual clutch transmission for precise handling whilst drifting. The car works so well at drifting that Ryan uses the car in the U.S. Formula Drift series.

This is definitely a car for anyone who loves to go all out and create the fastest and wildest car possible.

2. The Tokyo Drift R32 Powered Mustang

Or to give the engine its full name, the RB26DETT (RB being the engine code used by Nissan, 26 meaning 2.6 litres, D stands for dual overhead cam, E which means electronic fuel injection, and TT- twin turbo). The new engine gave the car 325hp but it was possible to tune these engines to 850-1000bhp.

There were a lot of custom fabricated parts fitted to the car as it was difficult to find parts for converting a classic mustang to be powered by a Skyline engine, for obvious reasons.

The Mustang needed to be rear wheel drive to drift but the Skyline was four wheel drive so they took a five speed manual transmission from a 1998 Skyline GT-S and bolted it to a Currie Enterprises 9-inch Ford rear end in order to send all power to the rear wheels.

The Mustang which featured in Tokyo Drift has mixed feeling around it from muscle fans hating for ruining a classic American car with a newer Japanese engine which defeats the purpose of having a muscle car, and JDM fans hating for putting a great Nissan Skyline engine in a Mustang, and this is why this car is in the list.

3. 1650 hp 1970 Tantrum Charger

Dom Torreto has nothing on SpeedKore Performance when it comes to building a crazy fast Charger.

The heart of the beast is a 90 degree double overhead cam 9 litre Mercury Racing QC4V V8 used for Mercury Racings power boats. On top of that the engine is boosted by a pair of 94mm turbochargers.

Along side the insane engine the car has been completely redesigned inside and out with just about every detail custom designed to perfection and if you are wondering where you might have seen it before it made an appearance on Jay Lenos Garage. Watch the video Here.

Here is the full specification from the build (Sourced from SpeedHunters.com);



Suspension and Brakes

Wheels and Tyres



You can tell they wanted to create the best final product that they could. And remember that it produces more power than a Bugatti Chiron.

4. 220mph V12 Supra

Built by Japanese tuning firm Top Secret the golden supra had boasted a top speed of 220mph and hit a speed of 197 mph in the UK on the A1 which landed the driver in jail for a night. The A1 run, despite hitting 197 mph was done before the engine upgrade to a V12, the engine was still the standard in-line 6 but Top Secret were bored with the original supra engine and the lack of other high performance Japanese cars as the R35 GTR was not produced yet, so they made the decision to change the source of the Supra's power to a V12 from a Toyota Century.

The tested power output from the standard engine power and added nitrous injection was 930 hp which is sent to the rear wheels via a six speed manual box.

5. V12 Fiat 500

Its hard to tell if this would be a whole load of fun or a whole load of scary to drive but its insane anyways.

The car was built by Italian firm Oemmedi Meccanica for the 2012 Bolonga auto show. The custom made, lowered, widebody gives it a completely unique look and the Lamborghini V12 gives the car 580 hp and a lot of crazy.

I recommend watching the video.

Build Video Link

6. 993 Turbo-Powered VW Bus

If your in a hurry to do the school run this is the perfect ride for you.

The Swiss owner of the Volkswagon Bus spent over five years on the project, during the time he swapped in a modified 993 Turbo's 3.6-liter flat six engine, giving the Bus a whopping 570 horsepower and 558 lb-ft of torque.

Along with the new engine there were countless changes to the drivetrain, suspension and brakes to handle the power and work effectively around the track.

To finish up the Bus was given a track-ready styling package and you can see the Bus giving a mid-engine Ferrari a run for its money around a track in the video link Here.

7. Rotary Turbo VW Beetle

From one VW to another but this time instead of a bus with loads of room to fit an engine in, a beetle with pretty much one of the smallest engine bays you can get.

took a second-generation Mazda RX-7 turbocharged 1.3-liter 13B rotary engine which is still on the large side for the Beetle, but he managed to squeeze it in and then push 250 hp out of it after an ECU upgrade.

Along with the engine a 3 gallon radiator, brake upgrades, and new suspension where also installed and this is the second car from this lost to feature on Jay Lenos garage, see what he thought of it Here

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