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7 Coolest and Sexiest Electric Vehicles You Can Buy Today

Who says you can't cool the planet and get a hot date?

2y ago

It seems like only yesterday that TopGear trio was cracking jokes about electric cars, calling them kitchen appliances, strong contraceptives, ugly, slow, and ultimately destroying one of them with a C4. Good times...

It took an almost-IronMan to turn the board around with his Tesla cars, by showing that EVs can be sexy-looking and above all, faster than some dinosaur-fueled dinosaurs. So here's seven really cool and sexy EVs you can buy today.

7 - Fiat 500e (Cost: $34,000)

As if the tiny petrol-powered Italian wasn't charming enough to sweep anyone off their feet, now it comes with the 'I am compassionate and considerate toward nature' package in a form of 500e. Try to resist your celebrity crush stepping out of one of these!

Looks aside, the driving is even snappier now with the electric powertrain but it won't take you far. Only 84 miles before the batteries run flat. You better not leave town. It's a city car - what did you expect?

Still, it's more chic, more useless and more expensive than the Chevy Bolt, and for some reason (Apple tells us) that makes it cooler.

6 - Genovation GXE (Cost: $750,000)

Genovation saw it early on that electric motors are not just for food blenders and milk vans. They can, in fact, give you more instant speed and torque than almost any other car on the planet!

And so, they developed the GXE (let's just call it the Electric Corvette) to be the World’s first street legal electric car to zip above 220mph! But best of all, this 800hp monster comes with 7-speed manual gearbox. With a clutch and everything! Now that is a lot of fun. And the GXE looks the part.

I just wonder, why the Corvette body? Because it's cheap? Or were there many empty shells with their V8s ripped out and jammed into some project cars... hm

I'm joking.

5 - Audi R8 e-tron (Cost: $1 Million+)

I bet you didn't know about this one. And no, it's not a concept, but a full-on production model that was available for sale back in 2007.

Basically, if you wanted to feel like IronMan, you'd get yourself an Audi R8. But if you find Tony and bit - outdated, you'd go for the e-tron.

Too bad it was bad. It was the heaviest and slowest R8 you could possibly buy. When it comes to supercars, performance is what matters and Audi sold only 100 of them before swearing an oath not to mention it ever again.

But today, it's the rarest and most futuristic R8 you can buy. I want one!

4 - Renault Twizy (Cost: $8,000)

Before you light your torches and grab your pitchforks, please, allow me to explain. Yes, Renault Twizy sucks - as a car - which it hardly is at all. But as a way of driving around the city, and looking cool, it beats the Audi supercar!

This Renault is like a futuristic alien pod with Lambo doors, tandem seats, blade taillight and some wheels. Turn up in one of these and you will immediately be 1000% more interesting to anyone around. I mean, just look at it! What is it? How does it work? Is it from outer space? Can I be your friend?

And in a way that beach buggy is a toy for, well, beaches; this is a toy for the urban jungle. Both are cool! Now lay down your weapons. Please?

3 - Jaguar I-Pace (Cost: $76,000)

I would love to have put the Model X on this spot, but despite the falcon doors, infotainment easter eggs and the performance, I just find it too damn ugly. I-Pace, on the other hand, is just the opposite.

Unshackled from the limitations a conventional drivetrain brings, Jaguar didn't just go crazy with it, but strictly sexy. The wheels are big and cut deep inside, the roof-line is low like a hot-rod, and it stretched far into the frunk like in Lambo. Looks alone place it here, never mind that it's a good EV.

And it's a Jaaaaaaaag. You know what I mean.

2 - Tesla Model S (Cost: $135,000)

And here it is. The beast slayer. The comet to petrol dinosaurs. The car that started it all.

If any car ever had it all, this is the one. For the first time in history electric vehicle had a decent range, so you could go places. Because the drivetrain is just a skateboard, the body could've been anything, and with the Model S, it's a gorgeous sedan with enough room to sit 7 people. On a crash-test, it earned 110 out of 100 points, and on a drag strip, it annihilated the supercar royalties.

Model S showed that EVs are cars of the future, and are better in every way. It's the most refined, the most desirable electric car in the world, and it's so damn sexy!

1 - Rimac Concept_One (Cost: $1 Million++)

What Tesla has done to supercars, Rimac has done to Tesla, and then some! And that really is all you need to know. It looks great, it goes like hell and it destroys pretty much anything, save for Richard Hammond. That one backfired!

It's one of only 7 examples left, it is prettier than its successor and in my book, it's the sexiest and coolest electric car you can buy right now. You just need to find someone willing to sell it to you.

So, do you agree?

Written by: Styp P

Youtube: TopCarsTV

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Comments (38)

    • 2 years ago
  • I'm sorry, but a Twizy is not "sexy"...

    Side Note: I'm glad someone finally agrees that the Concept_One is a better-looking vehicle than the C2.

      2 years ago
    • But it is so cool, it will make you look sexy 😉

        2 years ago
    • All I'm hearing is denial ;P

      Also, I really enjoyed the read, mate! Thank you for writing it :)

        2 years ago
  • I would love to have that Audi. I would also love to have the money to buy that Audi.

      2 years ago
    • Yeah. It is stupidly expensive. Another point for Twizy 😊

        2 years ago
    • I would spend the Million on a house and a combustion engine powered sportscar haha i am oldschool

        2 years ago
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance...0-60 in 3.1 seconds and has a track mode that has set e-car records. Model 3 is more "M3" than an M3.

      2 years ago
  • These may be cool cars, but I agree with Clarkson- we’re looking at laser discs.

    Lithium -ion is not the future, hydrogen is, or at least will have more longevity.

    Many genius’ ( or is it genie-I?) are attempting to produce batteries that last longer and charge faster but this list of cars are using laptop batteries.

      2 years ago
    • Li-ion has its shortcomings. And so does the hydrogen which is too expensive to produce. Whichever solves its problems first will be the future.

        2 years ago
    • cost of producing hydrogen will become very affordable once we have a mass market . calculations using wind power or solar shows cost as low as 1 USD per KG and the price stated by Nikola Motors 3,5usd / kg is within reach . ( energy cost in norway...

      Read more
        2 years ago