7 coolest Subarus without the Impreza

It's not all about the Impreza you know!

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Subaru is a brand with a rich motorsport history, the majority of which lays in the muddy tracks of Wales and Scandinavian snowy hill tops with the WRC. Throughout the years Subaru have dominated iconic seasons with their headline act, the Impreza. Some of the greatest rally drivers, such as Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Petter Solberg drove the Subaru Impreza to victory.

However, if you think Subaru is all about the Impreza you'd be wrong. If you look through their history, Subaru have been pumping out innovation and cool cars all through their range. I've plucked . out my personal favourites and put together my list of the coolest Subarus without the legendary Impreza.

1) Subaru Legacy

Seen as the Robin to the Batman Impreza, the Legacy has come in many cool forms. The B Spec estate with the 3.0-litre engine being a particularly nice sleeper car. However, to find the ultimate Legacy, we need to rewind to the early rally car days, driven by those legends, McRae and Burns that drove the Impreza.

The iconic 555 livery almost looks better on the Legacy, don't you think?

2) Subaru BRAT

Weirdly named, but who doesn't love a pick up? BRAT stands for Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter… in case you were asking.

3) Subaru Forester STi

Have you started a family but you still want the STi lifestyle? Don't worry, Subaru has you covered with the Forester STi. Now you can drop off the kids at school before they have a chance to complain and you can take the dirt tracks home without worry. Perfect.

4) Subaru SVX

The SVX was seen as a flop, but it was more a case of the right car at the wrong time. It had a lovely 3.3-litre flat-six developing 231bhp. That larger engine was fully befitting of a car that was seen as the flagship of the company. They were all 4WD and automatic gearboxes as they didn't have a manual that could handle the torque of the engine. Like an '80s rock band, SVX stood for Subaru Vehicle X.

5) Subaru Baja

Do I need to say why the Baja is cool? It's a bloody two-tone Legacy pickup truck. No more words are needed.

6) Subaru BRZ

Along with its Toyota GT86 twin, the BRZ was built for the driver. An engaging drive with a lovely manual gearbox harked back to the Subaru rally days of the '90s.

7) Subaru Levorg BTCC

Credit: BTCC

Credit: BTCC

The final entry on the list may very well be the coolest of them all. With a slight nod to the '90s Volvo 850R driven by Rickard Rydell, the Subaru Levorg estate competed and won with Ashley Sutton in the BTCC in 2017. If you haven't seen an estate with a massive rear wing, you haven't lived.

Let me know what your favourite Subaru is and if you have one yourself in the comments below!

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