7 Electric cars petrolheads can't deny wanting

38w ago


As petrolheads, we think of cars as items of passion and not pieces of transport, so the inevitable demise of fossil fuels and rise of electric and alternative fuel cars is always going to be a hard one to accept.

However, I've found 7 electric cars that will make you forget all about a 6.3-litre V12 engineā€¦ well maybe not, but they will certainly get you excited about what the future can hold if petrolheads look to the future and not the past.

7) Morgan EV3

In at number 7 is the bonkers but oh so cool Morgan EV3. If you don't want one of these then we can't really be friends. 3-wheeled madness with the power of an electric battery will only result in brown trousers and massive smiles.

6) Jaguar I-Pace eTROPHY

The road going Jaguar I-Pace is attractive enough and if that is an indicator of what the normal everyday car of the future is, then sign me up. However, whack a sexy livery on it and turn it into a racer and you have this monster. I can already picture the 2025 British Touring Car Championship featuring cars like this. Superb.

5) Audi e-tron Vision GT

We were at the launch of this machine earlier this year. If you think it looks good in pictures, in person it will take your breath away. Taking livery inspiration from a classic Audi racer, the e-tron Vision GT is the right amount of retro and future combined.

4) VW I.D R Pikes Peak

Electric isn't cool did you say? Well the VW that smashed the Pikes Peak record will certainly change your opinion. I don't know anyone that would tell me this doesn't look epic. I mean, just the wing alone is making me feel movement in my trousers.

3) Peugeot e-Legend

From writing on DriveTribe for over a year and a half, I know I'm in the minority for loving French cars, but I think Peugeot have just converted the rest of you. The Peugeot e-Legend (yes they really named it that) is aggressive and poised with just enough French 'je ne se quoi' to make it achingly cool. C'est tres bon.

2) Renovo Coupe

With the shape of the iconic Shelby Daytona, the Renovo Coupe is doing its best to keep you petrolheads excited for the future. I think we can all agree that they've succeeded. You can just make the engine noise yourself.

1) Honda Urban EV

Number 1 on my list might not be expected having seen the beasts above, but I think the Honda Urban EV goes a long way to capturing the petrolhead's imagination. It will certainly be popular with the younger 'hot hatch' generation and that is the market I want to see EVs starting to innovate in. Basically, slap a 'Type R' badge on this bad boy and we have a sure fired winner.

Also, for bonus points, Honda made this EV concept too:

I'm pretty sure you've all converted to being EV fans now.

Let me know in the comments which of the above is your favourite. Which current performance car do you think could work as an electric car?