7 last minute gift ideas for the hobbyist, with 7 days to go

Stop panicking, we've got you covered...

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7. LEGOs

@jobjoris from Instagram

@jobjoris from Instagram

Stop kidding yourselves, everyone loves LEGOs. There are a ton of great kits out there for car minded people in your lives. With a huge selection, you'll be sure to find something in the toy aisle for everyone left on your list, no matter your budget. Speed Champions sets start around $20, but you can spend all the way up to $350 for the legendary Bugatti Chiron Technic kit. Hopefully you caught Mustafa's ten best list of automotive LEGO sets the other day to give you a few ideas. I found this sweet McLaren Senna set on sale for $13 on Amazon.

6. Scalextric Slot Cars

Mike Fernie on DriveTribe

Mike Fernie on DriveTribe

You've been living under a rock if you haven't seen at least one of Mike Fernie's posts all about Scalextric's hyper-cool slot cars. He even raced one against a full sized Jaguar I-Pace down a drag strip! DriveTribe Content Manager Ben Koenig put together a great list of their current offerings too, if you were looking for a last minute gift.

5. Greenlight's Kings of Crunch Series

I have been overwhelmed with nostalgia ever since Greenlight launched this series. All of the best vintage monster trucks that I used to watch on TV every Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, are now hanging on the pegs in true 1:64 scale. They've outdone themselves now by releasing these little monsters in 1:43 and even colossal 1:18 scale. Here's the OG Bigfoot monster truck for $9.25 on Amazon!

4. Hot Wheels Team Transport Series

Every single mix from this series has been a knockout, usually taking me months to track down complete sets. Both the cars and their haulers come with premium paint jobs and rubber wheels. The current batch on the pegs now includes an R34 Skyline, 356 Outlaw, Jaguar E-Type Lightweight, and a killer Ford Galaxie drag racer. If you see one, grab one and give it to your favorite car person. They'll be rolling it around their desk in no time! Amazon has the 356 Outlaw for $13, plus it arrives before Christmas!

3. Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit

Two of our favorite things collided this year with Hot Wheels's release of their Mario Kart line. Their pinnacle piece is the Circuit trackset. It comes with Mario and Yoshi, a motorized launcher, and even "shells" to knock your opponent off the track. The asking price may seem a little steep, but expect to find this one on sale for most of the season. In fact, it is available on Amazon for 15% off right now. There's also a fresh batch of your Mario Kart favorites hitting the pegs that includes Wario, Toad, and Blue Yoshi.

2. 1/18 scale cars from Solido

Solido has been cranking out some excellent bang-for-your-buck models this year. Their Mercedes-Benz 190e Evo II model has been the most exciting release for budget collectors this year. With AutoArt's diecast model trading for kidneys on the black market, and Minichamps's sealed model still vaporware, Solido surprised us all with this stunning 190e Evo. Everyone and their uncle picked one of these up. If your uncle hasn't yet, get it for him. Solido's catalog also includes a MkI GT40 in Gulf Livery, the iconic Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, the muscular Shelby GT500 Mustang, and even the Meyers Manx Buggy! There's only 1 Manx left in stock on Amazon in blue.

1. AutoArt Aston Martin Vulcan in 1:18 scale

As far as I'm concerned, the Vulcan still wears the Aston Martin crown until the Valkyrie shows up. After a long wait, AutoArt finally dropped their Vulcan model for their 1:18 range. Yes, it is made from composite, but just look at it. You can pick these up in a variety of colors for around $200, but you're going to want Apple Tree Green. I got mine through our favorite diecast supplier Model Citizen.

What other gifts are you hoping to get? Comment your suggestions below!

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  • We published this... fliphtml5.com/bookcase/ckov

      1 year ago
  • #11: Snag a last-minute auction from Replicarz ;)

      1 year ago
  • This was an awesome list!!! The greenlight kings of crunch Bigfoot #5 was on my wishlist this year. My brother wanted to buy me a slot car set that he and I can race with so I am excited for that! Merry Christmas

      1 year ago
  • I thought they were calling the Aston Martin Vulcan a "last minute gift" 🤣

      1 year ago
  • I'm just hoping to get more paints for my airbrush 😊 plus I requested a plethora of 3D printed 1/64 scale accessories. Should be a fun winter!

      1 year ago
    • That stuff could be an entire list all on its own! lol

      What do you need printed? I know a guy...

        1 year ago
    • I believe I had requested some straight 6 engines, snorkels, exhausts, aero wheels, etc. from Hotwheelsworks's shapeways store. He's got so much good stuff

        1 year ago