7 normal cars re-imagined as supercars

Because even everyday cars deserve a bit of the supercar treatment…

2y ago

Have you ever wondered how supercars could be made to appeal to us ordinary folk? Well, after many minutes of discussion in DT towers we have the perfect solution – why not build supercars based on normal models?

To show you how brilliant this idea is – here are seven very normal cars we’ve re-imagined as supercars just for you. Goodbye frumpy front-wheel-drive hatchbacks, hello mid-engined nutter mobiles.

Fiat Panda 700hp

Finally, the retired person’s chariot of choice gets the makeover it deserves. Also, when your fans ask you what supercar you drive – you can respond with a serious face telling them “It’s a Fiat Panda. With 700hp.”

Ford Ka City GT

Fancy a Ford GT, but only have a Ford Ka budget? You can now live the supercar lifestyle with a Ka GT. Unlike its bigger, V6-powered GT brother, we are betting that Ford won’t be turning potential buyers down for build slots. Is this a Ka you’d really want to own?

Honda Civic EK9SX-R

A junior NSX has been rumoured for many years – but because Honda has yet to get around to it, we’ve done it for them (you can thank us later Honda people). Featuring the classic EK9 face and a shrunken version of the generation-one NSX body, it could be the mid-engined mini-supercar you’ve always lusted after. Bonus points for telling us where the wheels come from.

Mini Cooper 410 Works

With the Cooper 410 Works, we believe we have achieved the unachievable – by making a legitimate Mini supercar. From the long bonnet to the low cut roofline, our rework has all of the supercar credit, as well as a massive speedo mounted smack in the middle of the dash along with tiny Union Jacks emblazoned everywhere.

Dacia Sandero Wayfast GTS

Now for the cheapest way into supercar ownership – the Sandero Wayfast GTS could be the choice for those of you on a tight budget. Taking a number of styling cues from the Renault RS.01, the Sandero supercar would fit in perfectly for cruising around the streets of Monaco.

BMW 1-SM Coupe

A standard BMW 1 Series is a competent car, but mix it up with some i8 and classic M1 styling cues and you get this, the 1-SM Coupe. Our 1 Series supercar would get a mid-mounted twin-turbo straight six motor – giving it the thrust to match those looks.

Jeep Wrangler Demon – Hang Low and Wide Edition

OK, this one is not really a supercar – but before you reach for the comments box hear us out.

Take one Jeep, slam it as low as it will go with massive wheels, add a 6.2-litre V8 engine from a Dodge Demon, add some engine trumpets and you get this drag-ready monster – what’s not to like? Apart from ground clearance. There’s none of that.

Which of these normal supercars would you like to see become a reality? Vote below and get in on the comments.

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