7 of the best cars featured in The Simpsons

America's most dysfunctional family has featured a number of automotive highlights over the years; here is our pick of the best of them...

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The fictional world of America’s most dysfunctional family has been on the air for nearly three decades, with the town of Springfield providing the backdrop for some of the greatest comic moments ever to hit the small (and big) screen.

During the 630 plus episodes, the show has featured some very cool cars being driven by the residents of Springfield, here are our picks of seven of the best automotive highlights.

Morgan 3-Wheeler

If you’re a fan of double denim and cars with less than four wheels, then this episode had it all.

Featuring an appearance from renowned petrolhead Jay Leno, Homer somehow discovers a Morgan 3-Wheeler in his garage, before taking it on a tour of Springfield, including bizarrely the inside of Moe’s Tavern for a sing-along (because why not!)

As you’d expect, Leno’s appearance resulted in him offering Homer a fistful of cash for the small three-wheeled vintage car, because you can never have enough cars in your collection after all.

Delorean DMC-12

Rumours, just rumours they say...

Rumours, just rumours they say...

Springfield’s very own B-movie actor is the proud owner of a Delorean DMC-12. Just like McClure, the car has fallen on hard times with the actor scraping it on parked cars in the episode “A Fish Called Selma.”

Present on the back of the car is a bumper sticker exclaiming “Follow me to Springfield Aquarium,” in reference to long-standing rumours of McClure’s somewhat strange alleged fish infatuation.


The oversized Canyonero is a parody of the large SUV and the awful “I own the road” style of driving they inspire, with the upside being the best theme song of any car in modern history.

With Homer using his 401k to buy it, he quickly refuses to drive it when he realises it’s an F-Series, which has a lipstick holder in place of a cigarette lighter. After being mocked by both Lenny and Carl, Marge drives the car resulting in a continual state of road rage, you know, because SUV drivers own the road and all that.

Mr Plow/Plow King

After Homer manages to destroy both of the family cars in a snowstorm, he purchases a snowplow truck to become “Mr Plow.” Despite the awkward TV advert, the plowing business is a success until best friend Barney Gumble starts his own version as the “Plow King.”

It all comes to an abrupt end when after exclaiming that not even God could stop them, God promptly responds by melting all of the snow to put them put of business.

Moe Szyslak’s Mk6 Pontiac Bonneville

For Springfield’s most scowling bartender, the simple task of committing insurance fraud by enlisting Homer to destroy his ageing Pontiac proves a tough task.

The sight of Homer attempting to leap out of the car before it jumps off a cliff, before being rolled back into it, is one of the funniest comic moments to come out of Springfield.

Homers Pink Sedan

According to Homer’s arch enemy, Frank Grimes Jr, Homers Pink Sedan was built in Croatia from recycled Soviet tanks. Later though, it is identified as a 1986 Plymouth Junkerolla, which is similar to a 1984 Plymouth Reliant.

Featuring permanent damage to its left front wing, a bent aerial and a ‘Trackstar 8-Track radio, it has somehow survived everything from “The City of New York vs Homer Simpson,” to being utterly crushed by a sinkhole in “The Simpsons Movie,” before somehow being magically revived by the next season.

Cadillac CTS

After Marge wrecks the family car, Homer somehow gets himself a Cadillac CTS as a loan car. As this car is way better than Homers Pink Sedan, he quickly grows to love it. One feature that’s not on the options list is the ability to create a mini thunderstorm, which happens when “the heater fights the air conditioning,” which is something we’ve all wanted to try at one point in our lives.

After refusing to give the loan car back, Homer eventually relents when he spots his old Pink Sedan on sale for just $99.

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon’s Pontiac Firebird

Happier times, pre-eight children...

Happier times, pre-eight children...

Apu’s Pontiac Firebird is a second generation model with T-top, in red with a gold Firebird logo on the bonnet.

When Apu was single (pre-huge family), he is seen driving it on various dates, which as we all know ended badly as he had to replace it with a very large unknown mini-van due to being ‘blessed’ with eight children.

Are these the best cars featured in The Simpsons? Let us know in the comments.

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