7 of the WORST exhausts the internet could produce!

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Exhausts you say? Some like them big, some like them small, some loud, some quiet. But what I must say is that there's no hard or fast rule with exhausts, but as with everything, some people just have to take it TOO far.

Here are some of my favourite exhaust pictures from the wonderful world wide web:

Once a humble Volkswagen, this owner must have decided to grace their car with what I could only imagine to be a part from an 18-wheeler.

When noise restrictions get you down, add large silencers.

Now I must say, before we get into this one I did read that this had been done as a workaround to Laguna Seca's decibel limit. If that IS true, it's very cool, as I love Laguna Seca. But... WHAT ARE THOSE?

Garage owner: "So what type of look are you going for with these exhausts?" Car owner: "I don't know, maybe an eagle?"

Bosozuku is something which I've found to be of genuine interest, but this is just taking something which is already extreme, WAY TOO FAR.

Function over form with this particular example. The only thing I can think of to make this better, is to remove the parachutes, and have them as exhausts too. Yes, granted it's a jet car, but it still caught my eye, and the sticker on the back is cool.

AUDI! What is going on? I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed with you. It seems that Audi have cut a few corners with the SQ5, with a fairly obvious fake exhaust pipe.

Friend: "I bet you can't get 10 exhaust tips on your Volvo..."

Owner: "Hold my beer"

Wait, you thought the last one is excessive? Take a loo at this beauty. This particular car is what I've dubbed a triple threat. Lots of big exhausts, what seems to be huge 22" chrome rims, and a lovely gold figurine in the back.

So there you have it, some of the weird and whacky exhausts in the car world. Which is your favourite? If you have any that you feel deserve a place on this list, let me know down in the comments. If you've enjoyed this content then be sure to follow my tribe and take a look at my YouTube channel.

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  • I like bosozoku. Now I’m gonna run to my underground bunker

    7 days ago
  • I like bosozoku. Now I’m gonna run to my underground bun

    7 days ago


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