7 of the worst modifications the internet could produce

8w ago


Following on from my previous article, about the worst exhausts the internet could produce, I thought I would widen the net a little by, and oh boy was I shocked. In today's article we're going to explore some of the worst modifications I could find. Remember to comment below what your favourite (worst) was, and why.

1) The Donk

I have no words...

Nicknamed the Donk, I'm not quite sure what goes through people's heads when they decide to do this, especially to a Camaro. Surely it must be awful to drive, never mind to look at!2)

2) What the...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Wait...

Okay, so I don't have many words to describe this one... Dedication? Creativity? Madness? However you would describe it, someone has put a lot of hours into making this thing.

3) Come on now...

Rolls Smart?

Here we have a smart car, a car which is reknowned for being small. This owner clearly had a different idea when they decided to 'decorate' the front of it with a Rolls Royce esque grille. 10/10 for effort though.

4) Chrysler PT vs Predator

I wonder where the face eaters are?

I have no doubt that this car took a lot of time to create, but why? Why a PT Cruiser? Am I wrong for thinking the car actually looks better than the stock Cruiser?

5) Pro Skater 5

Sick nose flip bro

We find ourselves back into the world of Bosozoko, and if I'm honest I could compile a Top 20 list of the weirdest Bosozoko cars. I'm not sure about the inspiration for this particular car, but I can only imagine someone doing a nosegrind down it.

6) Do you want some bullbars with that ute?

Bullbars and lights. All you need in AUS.

I'm not sure if this is practical, or if this is insanity? More lights than the White House, and more front end protection than the riot police would need. This ute has definitely had some 'tasteful' modifications.

7) The Baaaaaaaaaaaaaatmobile

Size isn't everything you know

This car is longer than the sleep I had last night. 10/10 for effort, and it gets kudos for being reference to a Batman film, but does it really have to be that long?

That's the list! Be sure to comment down below what your favourite modification was and why, and remember to vote in the poll.

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