7 surprising cars with a BMW engine

5w ago


Sometimes a manufacturer can't afford to or just don't have the capability to produce their own engine. They need to bring in some external help. This often happens with a parent company or a factory sharing situation.

A car brand that doesn't share their engines on a regular basis are BMW. However, every now and again, a random car pops up with a BMW engine and it immediately has a reputation for being reliable and a quality car – despite the rest of the car that surrounds the engine.

With the new Supra getting a BMW engine, I thought it was the perfect time to have a look at some of their best and weirdest collaborations.

Here are my top 7 cars that surprisingly have a BMW engine.

7) Morgan Plus 8

With the German company taking over Rover in the wonderful '90s, we were treated to some modern German power in some dying British chassis and it just worked. The 50th anniversary Plus 8 had a whopping 367bhp from the 4.8-litre BMW engine making a better anglo-german combination than Steffi Graf and Wimbledon.

6) McLaren F1

OK, this one is probably not that surprising for those that know, but the current stock of McLaren all have homemade engines. However, back in the '90s when they absolutely floored the motoring world, it was a 6.0-litre BMW engine with a bit of gold in there that powered the legendary McLaren F1.

5) Rover 75

You'll know it as the '2004's best used car of the year' AND '2004's best family car of the year,' it's the Rover 75! At the last minute, Rover dropped the 6.0-litre golden BMW engine in favour of the 2.0-litre turbodiesel as it was slightly more fuel efficient.

4) Ascari KZ1

The Italian named British supercar firm had a bit of a one-hit wonder as the Ascari KZ1 got a decent amount of press after a Top Gear appearance. The engine in the KZ1 was non-other than the S62 5.0-litre V8 from the BMW M5 with a lovely 520bhp to boot. That results in 3.8-seconds to 60mph and 201mph. Spiffing.

3) Wiesmann GT

The first German car on the list, this little chassis doesn't seem like the right place for a mahoosive V8, but the guys at Wiesmann are definitely from the 'sex dungeon' side of Germany.

2) Veritas RS3

This utterly insane German car can only be explained by Mr Richard Hammond himself.

1) Vauxhall Omega

Look at him. Is that not the most '00s business man you've ever seen? "You've got a fax machine in the car? No, but when I get somewhere that has I can say, I'm at the Ramada Inn, Reading. Look it up."

Weirdly, the Omega's 2.5-litre diesel was straight from BMW who didn't mind having their reputation destroyed by being linked to the Omega. Brave move.