7 things You need to know about the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

14w ago


The Holy Trinity of Hypercars. This phrase has somewhat evaporated from the internet but there is a car from Ferrari that could succeed one-third of the Holy Trinity. Its the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. This car has caught the eye of everyone. So lets see what it has in its Arsenal.

You can Plug it in like a Tesla

Ferarri's got its electric heads into the normal world of the 21st Century. While the LaFerrari recovered energy for its electric motors, two of the SF90's electric motors can get energy by the Plug-in method. Yes there is an F1-derived MGUK (Motor Generator Unit Kinetic) located between the engine and gearbox, but this is Ferrari's first PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle). The cherry on the cake is that this is also Maranello's first AWD two-seat sports car.

Its Got Aero written all over it*

*not literally. The pencils at Maranello have got the perfect accuracy to make this on one of the most aerodynamic car on the planet. The SF90 produces 390kg or a full male California Sealion's weight worth of downforce. Vortex generators, a wing-section front bumper and two diffusers ahead of the front wheels to generate front-end downforce help in delivering this blistering downforce to the road. The back edge of the engine cover features a suspended wing divided into two sections, the forward one can lower to increase downforce or to minimise drag. Ferrari call this the 'Shut-OFF Gurney'.

Car Thieves have been waiting for this

The Car thieves might be in the underground parkings trying to take Toyota Corollas away from their owner, their ears would have heard that this car has 'No DoorHandles'. Yes, it features an all-new key which allows for keyless entry and exit. The handles are cleverly mounted on the upper surface of the door to minimise both the visual impact and aero disturbance. Key in your hand, fingers through the panel and you will be ready to take the SF90 Stradale with you.

Ferrari has given it a new 'Human Machine Interface'

Have you struggled to navigate the previous perplexing system. Worry not, The starter button is now based at the bottom of the steering wheel, there's an all new full 16in curved TFT screen, configurable in many different ways, and a head-up display showing key information depending on what driving mode you’re in give the driver all thereasons to keep his eyes on the road and not on the Infotainment.

It's the first Silent Ferrari

The exhaust pipes might be big, but they can be silent

There's an eDrive mode that will let you keep your grumpy neighbours happy till 15 miles after which it'll kick into Hybrid mode, flick that V8 and become its usual anti-social. The fastest setting is 'Qualify'. In this mode, the batteries and e-motors will deploy the maximum potential (162kW) prioritising performance over battery charging and you'll be riding hell.

This will redifine Ferrari's Definition of 'Fast'

No Surprise here then, this is the fastest series production Ferrari of all time. The SF90 takles this title in style with some serious pace. AWD and hybrid tech mean, the SF90 will propel human beings in it from 0–62mph in 2.5 seconds and 0–124mph in 6.7. It tops out at 211mph. That is 'Monstrous' Quick. 'Blistering' Quick. 'Any Adjective You can think' Quick.

You can Buy One

Hurrah! This is not limited to pre-planned numeric units. Anyone, even those with no previous ownership of Maranello's finest can buy one, If they have the funds. The order bank is filling up quite rapidly as the Stradale was exhibited to current customers at Fiorano and no shocks in store, majority of them were with their cheques and had their orders done.

These Stradale is set to increase the Heart Rate of the average car lover, no matter if you have Maranello posters on all walls of your bedroom. So sit back and enjoy because Ferrari's giving us a treat.