- The Number 7 Toyota hits a LMP2 Car that span around. Image Credit: FIAWEC

#7 Toyota has lucky escape after Head-On Crash In Le Mans Qualifying

4d ago


Le Mans is a dangerous game, with cars driving a very long circuit through all hours of the day. Some cars are a lot faster than others, meaning the drivers often get tangled up with cars in other classes.

The Number 7 Toyota LMP1 car (Fernando Alonso drives the Number 8) of Mike Conway was heading through the penultimate chicane of the circuit - the Ford Chicane, where the Number 31 Dragonspeed car had spun.

Unfortunately, the DragonSpeed car wasn't aware there was a car coming around the corner and started driving forward, only to be collected by the Toyota. Both drivers were okay, and while the Toyota got some air, the damage didn't look terrible as he was able to drive the car to the pits.

Mike Conway was not at fault for hitting the spun LMP2 car. Image Credit: FIAWEC.

The front of the Toyota had damage by the left front wheel, whereas the whole crash structure (the nose) of the Dragonspeed was damaged, which we see gets removed in the pits.

Roberto Gonzales, the driver of the #31 seemed very upset when he was talking to teammate Pastor Maldonado back in the pits - but the commentator shut him down saying it was all his fault. The Toyota was still the fastest in the session. Take a look at the incident in the video below:

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