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700cc Dirt Bike gets FACTORY Treatment! | Project 700 EP8

What a weapon!

7w ago

We take our 700cc 2 Stroke Dirt Bike to the HGS Exhaust Pipe HQ to get the full factory treatment! In this episode the Megalodon receives some massive upgrades as we hunt for more power before we hit the MX track on our monster two stroke motocross machine...

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Comments (6)

  • Nice man.

    when you are finished, it would be pretty rad if you could get in contact with Travis Pastrana and get a video done with his RMzilla500 just for comparison.

    I think a lot of people underestimate T2 stuff because they don’t give big numbers…. Pushing 70 is pretty wild, I had T2 Peugeot 50cc moped and had it dyno tested, was so surprised to find out it made 2.8bhp😅 then with some mods it pushed 6.2hp 😆

      1 month ago
  • Oh my sweet Jesus. And I thought kx500’s were mad

      1 month ago
  • It's an amazing thing! I'm a bit concerned about it as an investment though, with even garden equipment coming under emissions legislation soon.

      1 month ago
  • 700ccm? What is MotoGP, 500?

      1 month ago
    • They were in the glorious 2 stroke days. 1000s now, apart from the Ducati which I believe is a 1200

        10 days ago
    • Aah, okay. Not my sport, no insights on that. Thanks for clearing that up mate ✊🏽

        10 days ago