700+Hp Lancia Delta Integrale & Twisty, Rainy Hillclimbs

Milan Bubnic and his ever Impressive Delta Integrale Evo Monster

Milan Bubnic and his outrageous Lancia Delta Integrale Evo continue to amaze fans of Hillclimb Racing everywhere they go, and even in the shortened Season we had last year, it was still possible to see the Slovenian Team with the Italian Monster impress the public on some rainy Hillclimb Action.

On this video you can watch the aggressively turbocharged 2.0L, 700+Hp Monster on Ilirska-Bistrica Hillclimb first, where it fought for the place of fastest Touring Car on the event, finishing Third in some very adverse conditions. And after that you can watch it at Cividale-Castelmonte where it once again placed very near the Top in equally tricky conditions, although in the end, as you´ll be able to witness, there were some delicious trophies awaiting...

We can only imagine that the 2021 Season will just bring even more exciting stuff from the Slovenian Team and hopefully with more events where it´ll be able to spread its legs, we hope to capture it in action once again...

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