- One for the toy chest.

718 Cayman T: The T Stands for Toy

The pill that just might make an old Porsche purist’s dick hard.

3w ago

It’s hard to accurately attribute the key ingredients of Porsche purism. But I don’t think I’m too far off in simplifying it to a tight-driving car with a short/narrow wheelbase and a lot of drama in the driver's seat. The sources of those attributes? Six pistons pounding the back of the driver’s seat, the whirring engine fan and a footprint no larger than necessary to house all that excitement. That brand of euphoria may belong to cars older than myself, but what if I told you there was a pill you could swallow today that just might scratch that itch.

Is it the ingredients that define Porsche purism or is it the driving experience? Does knowing that you’ve got six pistons and a fan behind you determine your dream driving bliss or could you be convinced by a modern alternative? If you’re of the latter mindset, the 718 Cayman T just might be able to help you with that addiction of yours (and if you’re of the former mindset, I hope find fulfilment some day…).

Small footprint? Check. Light weight? Check. Third pedal? Check. Plenty of drama? Check… and then some. All this from a 4-cylinder 300hp rear-wheel drive pocket rocket. Thanks to some weight-saving tricks like fabric door handles and infotainment delete, the 718 Cayman T weighs roughly the same as a 930 911 and boasts nearly 20 more horsepower. Remove the rear-seats, push the engine forward and suddenly you’re straight riding the turbo-charged 2.0l four cylinder pocket rocket to victory.

Small footprint? Check. Light weight? Check. Third pedal? Check. Plenty of drama? Check… and then some.

The whole driving experience is visceral and exciting. Each movement of the short shifter brings with it noises of gears engaging and pipes rumbling that resonates through you, making your performance feel almost mechanical, like a necessary component in the drivetrain. It links you to the car physically, a true driver’s car. In fact, that’s all it is… A driver’s car. The Cayman sacrifices the size and comfort that make the current 911 models truly usable, it strips down the experience to the bare essentials. The Cayman T is nothing more than a toy and it’s perfect that way.

Never let the ingredients get in the way of a great meal… The 718 Cayman T delivers nostalgia, a driving feel reminiscent of the good old days. Sure, it’s missing some key components, but close your eyes and you may have a hard time guessing which ones of those components you’re missing. Then open your eyes again, because here comes a corner and you’re probably going to murder someone driving with your eyes closed.

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Comments (22)

  • Yes it’s a great Porsche, the problem is there are better Caymans such at the GTS so if you are going to get a Cayman get the right one rather than settling for an average one.

      22 days ago
    • Oh by the way, this is for the people that buy the badge first before the car. BMW 116i people.... you know who you are!!

        22 days ago
    • Agreed. Just biding my time til that 4.0l GTS comes my way... ;)

        22 days ago
  • Is the 718 Cayman T a proper Porsche? @tribe

      22 days ago
    • Yeah dude! Light, fun and playful. 👊😎 What it was meant to be...

        22 days ago
    • I could only imagine what a 991.2 Carrera T would feel like!

        22 days ago
  • Loved the video man!

      24 days ago
  • People used to call it a poor mans Porsche (even I did), but I don't think it is anymore.

    I would pay extra and get a cayman gts

      22 days ago
    • Everything is a poor man's something... Gt3 is a poor man's gt2, 4s is a poor man's turbo, this is a poor man's 911 and there is a poor man's version of this somewhere out there... Such a strange mindset people have who judge a item for being...

      Read more
        22 days ago
    • I mean...the one before didn't really look that good and looked cheap imo

      The new one on the other hand...I would buy it over a 911 😍😍

        22 days ago
  • Kyle? Absolutely hilarious. Great article my friend keep it up!

      22 days ago
    • Whattup, my dude? Cross platform compadres. Haha 👊😎

        22 days ago