730BHP Lamborghini Aventador-S Revealed

730BHP Lamborghini Aventador-S Revealed

3y ago

​The 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S has been revealed and will arrive in Britain next spring price starting from £271,146.


At the front, it's armed with a new front bumper, new air ducks which has been designed to work the air harder, the latest raging bull offspring produces 130% more downforce on its nose.

Head to the back and you notice a rear wing that can be adjusted into three positions, which increases the downforce by up to 50%, mean while reducing drag by almost 400% in its slipperiest setting if you are adventurous and like driving on the edge.

That's not the end if it. Out back you’ll also find a new black diffuser, and a rather slick triple-exit exhaust system. So the question now we need to ask ourselves, is this really an all-new Aventador?

well actually the answer to that is a big No. It should really be labelled as a heavily reworked version of 2011 Aventador with few upgrades, reworked aerodynamics, more power, upgraded suspension systems, more power and – most prominently – the adoption of four-wheel steering.

The engine drives all four wheels via Lamborghini’s Independent Shifting Rod seven-speed gearbox. The car weighs 1575kg – which again is the same as the outgoing model. Added the existing three driving modes – Strada (Street), Sport and Corsa (race) – is a new Ego setting.

This customisable mode enables drivers to individually tweak the car’s drivetrain and suspension settings. The cabin also gains a new TFT touchscreen with Apple Car-play included as standard.

What's beating under the bonnet?

One thing remains the same, the fabled 6.5-litre V12 still there but some 40bhp up on its predecessor, that is, thanks to modifications to the Aventador’s variable valve timing and variable intake systems.

Lamborghini has also upped the S’s rev limiter, however, from 8350rpm to 8500rpm.You would have naturally assumed that with all these re-vampes, more power and aerodynamic wizardry, Lamborghini S would be quicker.

However you are in for a bit of a surprise. Somehow it matches the 2.9sec 0-62mph time of other Aventador's and Its top speed remains pegged at 217mph too.

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