75,000 UK Taxi drivers added to Mercedes Emission scandal case

It seems like this is getting more expensive for Mercedes by the day.

47w ago

A few weeks ago UK legal firm Harcus Parker took on a class action against Mercedes which could cost Mercedes £10 billion and now they have added 75,000 taxi drivers to the case. Each of these Taxi drivers could receive around £5,000 if the case is won, although I imagine like most of these cases it will be settled.

The reason for this action is that the taxi drivers, who use Vito and V-Class Mercedes, overpaid for their vehicles and will now face expected higher fuel consumption once the fix is put in place by Mercedes. This comes after many German automakers were caught installing "defeat devices" in their vehicles which worked out how to understand when they were being tested for emissions and lower the efficiency and thus emissions to pass the test.

The managing partner at Harcus Parker told press in the UK, “Mercedes owners purchased these vehicles in part because of the reputation for engineering quality and prestige that the Mercedes-Benz brand commands. My clients are deeply disappointed that, rather than applying that technical know-how to the problem of making cars greener and more appropriate for our towns and cities, Mercedes appears to have chosen the easy route, presumably as a way to maximise profits. The issues in play are particularly acute for taxi drivers, who tend to buy vehicles based on their expected life-span and green credentials. The uncertainty brought about by the use of these defeat devices is worrying for my clients and taxi drivers generally.”

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