75th members' meeting demos: GT1, 3.0-litre sportscars and group A touring cars

All three are sure to be incredible sights to behold.

A little while back we were very pleased to announce the three high-speed demos for the 75th Members' Meeting. Henry Hope-Frost sums up what should be a brilliant spectacle below.

It’s been a tradition at the Goodwood Motor Circuit Members’ Meetings since they were revived in 2014 to complement the two-day race programme with a series of daily high-speed demonstrations.

And the line-up for the 75th Members’ Meeting on March 18-19, 2017 will certainly rival anything that’s gone before – the ground-effect, high-airbox and turbocharged Grand Prix cars, World Sportscar Championship icons, Super Touring legends and Group B beasts that have thrilled crowds in the previous three events.

We’re thrilled that 3-litre sports-prototypes from the early to mid-1970s, Group A touring cars from the 1980s and GT1-spec endurance monsters of the 1990s will form the high-speed demos next Spring, all of them evoking memories of heady days as they appear on track each day.

Image courtesy of LAT

Image courtesy of LAT

Among the 3-litre exotica, expect to be slack-jawed and stalk-eyed at the sight and sound of flat-12 Ferrari 312PBs and V12 Matra MS670s – nothing more than Grand Prix cars with full bodywork – as well as home-built Lola and Mirage chassis motivated by the ubiquitous Ford Cosworth DFV V8.

Arguably the most evocative period of touring car racing will be relived thanks to the presence of numerous Group A tin-tops, including winners from Rover (SD1 V8), BMW (635CSi), Volvo (240 Turbo), Jaguar (XJS), and two of the most celebrated roofed racers of all: the BMW M3 E30 and Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500.

The hi-tech era of 1990s sportscar racing will be showcased by GT1 weaponry in the shape of the dominant cars of the day – Porsche’s 911 GT1, Mercedes’ CLK GTR and McLaren’s F1 GTR from the FIA GT Championship. They’ll be joined by a gaggle of production-based homologation specials such as Jaguar’s XJ220C, Ferrari’s F40LM and Lister’s Storm V12 from the BPR Global GT series that started the GT1 movement in 1994.

Image courtesy of LAT

Image courtesy of LAT

Tickets for the 75th Members’ Meeting are currently available only to Goodwood Road Racing Club Members and those on the Waiting List, they are expected to sell-out fast, of course.

Make sure you don’t miss these extraordinary demonstrations in among the hotly contested races for single-seaters, sportscars, touring cars and motorcycles next Spring.

Tickets for the 75th Members' Meeting are on sale now! For more information visit ticketing.goodwood.com.

Lead image courtesy of Daimler AG

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  • The multi coloured car is the Marcos campaigned by Dutchman Cor Euser. I belive the model was named Marcos LM600

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