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There are many fantastic cars on the market, but some cars are cancelled before they can roach dealerships. Here are 8 amazing cars that never made it.

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1. Ford Fortynine (2001)

Credit: motor1.com

Credit: motor1.com

The original 1949 Ford was a revolutionary car back in its day, having saved Ford from near-bankruptcy and setting the standard for all other post-war sedans.

In 2001, Ford attempted to revive the legendary automobile with the Ford Fortynine concept. Powered by a 3.9 litre V8 from the Thunderbird, the 2001 Fortynine had a sporty soul and - thans to its clean, soft curves - a timeless appearance. Also interesting was the transparent glass roof and thin taillights – design elements which are becoming increasingly popular today, but 20 years, they were reserved for concepts.

Although it never reached production, it did make its way into the 2003 videogame Ford Racing 2, which some of you will, hopefully, remember.

2. Jeep Hurricane (2005)

Credit: www.getyourguide.fr

Credit: www.getyourguide.fr

Unveiled in 2005, this concept vehicle was presented to the world as “the most manoeuvrable, most capable and most powerful 4x4 in the world”. To live up to these claims, Jeep gave the Hurricane two 5.7l V8 HEMI engines generating a total of 670 horsepower and 740 lb-ft - or 1000 Nm – of torque. There were no differentials and wheels were driven through a central transfer case.

Because two HEMIs burn a lot of fuel and you don’t always need that amount of power, Jeep fitted the Hurricane with cylinder deactivation technology. This enabled it to run on as few as four cylinders, or as many as sixteen.

As if that wasn’t enough, this Jeep was equipped with four-wheel independent steering, which enabled for unprecedented off-road manoeuvrability. Unfortunately, the Hurricane was too complicated and impractical for mass production and was only ever intended to attract attention at car shows.

3. Lamborghini Miura (2006)

Credit: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Credit: 4.bp.blogspot.com

The unveiling of the new Countach is not Lamborghini’s first take on resurrecting an older successful model. In 2006, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original Lamborghini Miura, Lamborghini unveiled this concept. The Murcielago-based car was designed by then Head of Design at Lamborghini, Walter De Silvia, who said he “always wanted to redesign the Miura.”

Just like the Murcielago, the Miura Concept was powered by a 6.5 litre V12 with 631 horsepower. The engine was coupled with a six-speed automated manual transmission. And boy, does it look good!

However, when the car was offered for production, the CEO of Lamborghini said that the brand needs to look into the future, not dwell on the past and although the Miura is an icon, there shall not be a remake. Their philosophy has slightly changed since then, so maybe we’ll see this concept brought back to life sometime soon.

4. Hummer HX (2008)

Credit: placepic.ru

Credit: placepic.ru

The work of three fresh graduate designers, this off-roader debuted in 2008. It immediately caught people’s eye with its unique matte khaki paintjob, a three-part split panoramic sunroof and a removable slant back – paying an homage to the original Humvee.

This Hummer was meant to be a hardcore off-road vehicle like the H2, but with better handling and fuel efficiency. Under the hood was a 3.6l V6 instead of the H2’s 6.0l V8 and the wheelbase was about 0.5m shorter.

Despite the excitement it generated, the HX never reached production, possibly because of the 2008 economic crisis which wasn’t a pleasant environment for luxury SUVs.

That didn't stop people from buying them though. Between 2010 and 2012, a Czech comapny called Bureko manufactured conversion kits for H2s to turn them into HXs, but they cannot be ordered anymore. A company called My Electric Vehicle (MEV) still manufactures a golf cart version though, so it might not be completely dead.

5. Bugatti 16C Galibier

Credit: carstyling.ru

Credit: carstyling.ru

In 2009, Bugatti contemplated reentering the luxury saloon market. The brand had manufactured limousines in the past, but in modern times, its focus shifted exclusively to hypercars.

With the Veyron not generating any profit (it actually generated debt for Bugatti, despite its cult status and astronomical price per piece), Bugatti created a stunning concept sports saloon: the 16C Galibier.

The car was to be powered by the same 8-litre W16 as the veyron, but mounted in the front rather than the back. An estimated price per piece was 1 million pounds.

Over the course of development, designers couldn’t agree on what exactly the 16C Galibier should be like. In 2012, after several redesigns and prolonged complications, the model was cancelled by Volkwagen (which owned Bugatti at the time). What a shame.

6. Trabant nT

Credit: de.motor1.com

Credit: de.motor1.com

Whether you like the Trabant or not, you cannot deny its impact on culture. Introduced in 1957, the production spanned over 3 generations of cars until 1990! This affordable car gained a cult status in the Eastern Bloc, where personal transport was a luxury.

The 2009 Trabant nT concept was an attempt to revive the classic car. Curiously enough, this was a project initiated by a company that manufactured scale models of Trabants and this was to become their first production car.

The Trabant nT promised a range of 100 miles, or 160 km, with the top speed of 80mph, or 130km/h. Production was scheduled to start in 2012, but, sadly, the project died before the production could start, apparently because of lacking interest from investors.

The world was just not quite ready for an urban EV in 2009. But with the market for electric cars rapidly growing today, we hope that this adorable car can be brought back to life.

7. Nissan IDx

Credit: nissan.sk

Credit: nissan.sk

This retro-futuristic sports car debuted at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Aimed at younger customers, the Nissan IDx promised to be an lightweight affordable entry-level sports car that would be fun to drive and could be easily modified. The design borrowed some styling features from the Datsun 510. Nissan also unveiled the IDx NISMO, a dedicated racing version.

To bring back the old days of Japanese sports cars, the Nissan IDx came with a manual gearbox and a range of small-displacement engine options which would have been available, had the vehicle managed to enter production.

Another interesting feature of the IDx was that it mounted cameras instead of wing mirrors, something that was viewed as a bit of a publicity stunt in 2013, but nowadays it is becoming a norm.

8. Skoda Slavia

Credit: moto.pl

Credit: moto.pl

The brainchild of a group of students from Škoda academy - an engineering school founded by the carmaker to discover young talented designers, Slavia was meant to revive the brand’s sports car branch, serving as a spiritual successful to the 110, Garde and Rapid models and paying homage to Škoda’s rich racing history.

Being based on the Scala, Škoda Slavia shares many of its components with the said production car. It is powered by the same 110 horsepower 1.5l TSI inline 4 turbocharged petrol engine, it has the same headlights, taillight and grille, even the interior is similar. But rather than being a hatchback like the Scala, Slavia is a two-door open-top roadster. The prototype is painted in a beautiful bright white colour, giving it an amazing appearance.

Sadly, we already know that this 2020 concept car won’t be going into production, although some of elements like the rear Škoda inscription serving as a brake light might appear on future models.

This was my list of most exciting concept cars from the last 20 years. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment!

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    • If only I had the tribe coins you'd be getting the poo award for this comment. I've seen other pics of the Miura and it was gorgeous. Or i was drunk, I can't remember.

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  • That Trabant was so good looking

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  • Ford 500 concept

    Ford gr-1

    2004 Ford cobra concept

    Chrysler ME412

    Audi nanuk Quattro

    And my all time favorite. The Chevy nomad concept. Based on the kappa platform.

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