8 closest title finishes in f1 history (post 1970)

A look at some crazy close battles for the f1 title

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8-Kimi raikkonen vs Michael Schumacher 2003

2 points/ sch 93/rai 91

8 different drivers won on pole position that year. At first Juan pablo Montoya too was a contender but he dropped out later on. Leaving kimi and Schumacher competing each other . Surprisingly kimi only had one pole to Schumacher's 6! But kimi was very consistent and thus remained a close contender. Schumacher finished 8th at the Japanese gp and won his 4 th title.

7-Mika Hakkinen vs eddie irvine

1999 2 points/mika 76/ eddie 74

Michael Schumacher broke his leg halfway through the season in an accident during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. His ferrari teammate Eddie Irvine was now into the midst of the title challenge. Eddie arrived at the last race with a 4-point lead over mika Häkkinen. However as mika is a Finn, he cruised to a comfortable win at the Suzuka season finale and became the world champion.

6-James Hunt vs Niki lauda

1976 1 point / hun 69/lau 68

Niki lauda was the top contender for the championship until he had a massive crash and missed out two races. Which allowed hunt to catch up. In the final race lauda withdrew because of torrential rain ,thinking it made the conditions unsafe and hunt gained the lead in last two laps and won the championship by one point.

5-Nelson piquet vs carlos reutemann

1981 1 point /piq 50/reu 49

There was no such leading driver in the 1981 season , 7 drivers had made a few podiums each and no one had more than 3 wins , Reutemann had a gearbox malfunction. He fished 8th and piquet came 5th winning by 1 point.

4-Schumacher vs damon hill

1994 1 point/ sch 92/hill 91

Michael Schumacher's 1994 championship is one of the most controversial and hotly debated F1 titles in history.

Schumacher and Damon Hill went into the final race of the with just one point difference in the championship.

On lap 35 of the 81-lap race, Schumacher brushed a barrier that caused some damage to the car's aerodynamic fixtures . It gave an opening to Hill, who came up on Schumacher on the next turn. Schumacher then crashed into hill. race stewards ruled it was a racing move, The contact knocked both cars out of the race and out of the points.

It was Schumacher's first of seven F1 titles. Hill and Schumacher finished that final race of the season in 19th and 20th place respectively.

3-Kimi raikkonen vs Lewis Hamilton vs alonso

2007 1 point /rai 110/ham-alo 109

This is the closest triple threat that ever happened. The 2007 season was full of controversy in thef1 world, kimi raikkonen racing for ferrari and 2 time title winner Fernando alonso and rookie and first black driver lewis hamilton both teammates racing for mclaren. Both mclaren doing very vell but getting tough competition from kimi and massa

massa later dropped out with Hamilton crashing at the entry of the pit lane in China and having gearbox issues in brazil - came 7th ,2 positions shy of the win.

Alonso needed to be higher than 3rd to win the title but came 3rd.

Kimi needed to pole position to win the title. which he did and became the 2007 world champion after missing in 2003 and 2005.

2-Lewis Hamilton Felipe massa

2008 /1 point/ ham 98/massa 97

Lewis Hamilton's second season and first f1 title with kimi raikkonen in ferrari and alonso back in renault it was hamilton in the mercedes and felipe massa in the ferrari . In the last race in Brazil massa secured pole position and hamilton needed to finish 5th to win the title but he was stuck in 6th position until the last few corners going to lose the championship again in 2008 while ferrari had already started celebrating. but toyotas timo glock who was on slicks suffered due to heavy rain and hamilton on intermediate overtook him and the 5 th driver on the second last corner and won his first championship

1-Niki lauda vs alain prost

1984 0.5 points /lau 72 /pro 71.5

The closest one till now just 0.5 points difference between the rivals and (teammates) niki lauda and alain prost racing for mclaren. Lauda only qualified in front of prost once during the whole season. Lauda realized he couldn't beat prost in pace so he concentrated instead on the overall tactic and setup of the season. Prost took three poles that year and lauda never qualifying above p3. However prost ran into problems in Canada, France and South africa.

It all came to the last race in Portugal with lauda having 2 engine changes starting in the back ,11th on the grid and this rival teammate prost 2nd! Nelson piquet was in the first place

"When I got into the race, I put my helmet on and I said to myself, 'if I do today one mistake, by overtaking people and touching them and breaking the wing or whatever, I'm going to kill myself'. This was my ambition - head down and don't do any fucking mistake.

"Nelson was my so-called friend, and he said to me before the race, 'I'm going to help you'.

"What are you going to do? 'If I get close to Prost, I'll have him off'. He was serious!

"This was really good that somebody says this to you. I had one friend here, he's going to help me. He's a nice guy. I trust him.

First lap, this idiot spun off! I saw him in the green grass sitting around and I said 'look at this wanker! The only one that's going to help me is gone!' I was so pissed off."

Lauda even damaged his left turbocharger but managed to get third and then good luck struck and Nigel mansell spun out promoting lauda to second. Lauda won the championship with everything going wrong!

Lauda said he saw people with " prost world champion " before the race , but they were later all gone.

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  • 1-Max Verstappen VS. Lewis Hamilton

    2021 0 Points /Ver 369.5 /Ham 369.5

      1 month ago
    • That’s going to happen next week

        1 month ago
    • It won't be 1 u imbecile 😂 it would be 389.5 + fastest lap for somebody and second place 387.5 + fastest lap so the difference will be 3 or 2 dnf will make it 0

        1 month ago
  • Wait why is this in spotting lol

      1 month ago
  • For sure they're going to crash this week and the difference will be 0 points.

      1 month ago
  • Pretty much all of these are exciting (special highlights to 1976 and 1984 (Lauda is/was my favourite driver though)), but I gotta vote for “Is that Glock?!?”

      1 month ago
    • Yeaah the commentary ik is that glock?!!?

        1 month ago
    • It’s the cherry on the top for me. The championship was over, Massa had won with Ferrari. Then Glock is having problems with slicks in the wet, and suddenly the results change, with that iconic quote from Martin Brundle

        1 month ago