#8 Craziest cars at the 2018 SEMA show

#8 Crazy cars we loved at the 2018 SEMA show

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As the this yers SEMA slowly comes to a close here is a round-up of our favourite cars to debut at the show.

#1Hellephant 1000HP Engine

Last year at SEMA Dodge introduced the 707HP crate engine from Hellcat in the aptly named Hellcrate package, this year they decided to out-do themselves with the 'Hellephant' crate featuring 7.0 V8 pumping out 1000hp. Based on the Hellcat engine Dodge rebored it to 7.0 litres added an even bigger supercharger some other engineering wizardry creating the 1000hp beast. The whole thing weighs even less than the Hellcat motor as the steel block has been swapped for an all-aluminium design.


Together with ECU, wiring harness and even the gas pedal the crate mist cost as much as $20,000 dollars, which seems like a face price given there is currently virtually no competition on the market for it. Oh, they also build a whole car for it...

#2 Hydrogen powered pickup/Pizza maker

On opposite side of the crazy 'because why not' sits this Toyota Pick up truck, Toyota took one of its Tundra SR5 pickups and shoved hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain in place of the regular ICE engine. This made it a rather odd slow FWD pick-up but we are fine with it due to what's at the back...

In back of the truck sits a Pizza hut robot churning out delicious disc of dough and pepperoni every 7 minutes, that's far more impressive than any 0-60 times.

#3 Kia Forte Drift Car

Bone stock Forte is a perfectly fine car, with a nice interior soft comfy ride and good price it presents a nice value sedan, its remarkably unremarkable, kind of like the VW Jetta from the Fast & Furious.

Just as F&F made the Jetta a petrolheads icon, so does Kia hope to do with the Forte, teaming up with Red Bull Kia shoved the 3.3 litre Twin Turbo V6 from the Stinger and tuned it up to 375hp, a sequential 6-speed box delivering power to the rear wheels via quick-speed change diff, add some nice aero, cool wheels and a kick-ass livery and voila.

#4 Tesla Powered 1949 Mercury Coupe

Icon and Stealth EV created by far my favourite new meets old project, Icon is a well-known restomod from LA and stealth EV Specializes in EV modifications and swaps. The two teamed up to save a 1949 Mercury 2 door coupe. Under the hood or rather the transmission tunnel sits a Tesla motor developing roughly 400horsepower and 674nm allowing the car to reach a 120mph

While performance might be a tad bit underwhelming with these looks we absolutely don't care, it's simply gorgeous even with the original somewhat rusty patina. Don't let the derelict looks fool you though, the car uses all-new chassis underneath with independent suspension, while all the rubbers, sound deadening to make for a better ride. More here.

#5 Crazy Corollas

The new Corolla is barely out but Toyota had poured it's newest hatch with love and horsepower at this years SEMA bringing not 1 but 5 custom 'rollas to the show.

First up is the Muscle Tuner Automotive Corolla, made to pay tribute to the AE86 model made legendary by the 'Initial D' anime in the 90's, apart of widebody kit and livery made to mimic that of the legendary tofu delivery drifter it also gets a nice power boost thanks to a shot of Nitrous. Sadly its FWD Only.

Next up is the bright red Super Street Corolla featuring an amazing body kit, lots of (real) carbon fibre bits, Volk racing wheels clad in Falken tires. Engine benefits from upped boost, new air intake and new exhaust with quad tips. Inside are deep bucket seats and a new audio system with a huge subwoofer.

3rd up is the Papadakis Racing Corolla build to Formula Drift Spec, it looks bonkers with the bright yellow livery and crazy wide fenders, it crazy looks are matched by the performance as the rear wheels are powered by a 2.7-liter turbo engine pushing 850 horsepower.

4th up is the SoCal Kustomz entry, which is the direct opposite of the clean Super Street Rolla and decides to go all Fast&Furios featuring a crazy wrap, nitrous oxide, in-house build exhaust and new some new Motegi MR138 wheels.

Last but not least is the Hoonigan Corolla, it's surprisingly restrained with all black paintwork with white accents and a set of Hella lights, it's sitting on Fifteen 52 wheels and modified suspension set-up. Rolla is conceived as a Camera car and can mount crane with a Red Dragon camera with a Canon 17-120mm lens.

#6 Jay Lenos Lincon Navigator

Jay Leno is best known for his love for all things fast and extreme, turns out the man also grew a taste for comfort and luxury as evident by his new Lincoln Navigator long wheelbase customized in-house by Lincoln themselves.

Finished in Chroma Crystal Blue outside with Lincoln Black Label Yacht Club on the inside, it gets news wheels, darker chrome and even darker window tints. It's no slouch either with a twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with 450 hp we assume it shifts as smoothly as it looks.

#7 Classic Recreations Mustang Boss 429

Classic Recreations are a Ford & Shelby authorized continuation manufacturer who already offer a range of restored classic models. This particular model is based on a 1969 model which was first restored to factory condition and then some. Gaining a new massive 9.0-litre engine punching out a spectacular 825horsepower.

It sits on 18" American Racing wheels with Michelin Pilot Sports tires measuring 225mm up front and 305mm at the rear. No price was announced yet but Classic Recreations usually charges between 150-250k for current model offering and you can expect it to land on the far side of this range.

#8 APR VW Golf RLMS 536H

Full disclosure I find most VW's dull and boring, not this one, however, oh no.

APR a high-end VW group tuner brought something truly special to SEMA, a project year and a half in the making is a touring car inspired race ready 2018 Golf R with nearly twice the power. The 2.0-litre engine benefits from a new turbo, intercooler, carbon fibre air intake, ECU, exhaust and some, raising the power to 536hp and 642NM allowing it to do the 1/4 in 10 seconds.

The car also benefits from new suspension, brakes and many more to make it handle on track, the exterior has been revised making heavy use of carbon fibre with touring car inspired aero pack. On the inside we have full APR Roll-Cage and surprisingly good looking white buckets with contrasting red OMP harness.

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