8 iconic race cars re-imagined for the modern era

Here is what classic race cars could look like in the modern era...

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There are mere mortal race cars, and then there are the genuinely iconic race cars that every racing fan remembers.

Whether it be the fuzzy footage of the Lancia Stratos jumping its way through the Corsica Rally, or the mad IMSA Audi 90 GTO chirping around Laguna Seca – there are some race cars that we’d all like to see given another ride in the modern era.

Now, thanks to the power of rendering and bit of imagination – here are eight of the most iconic race cars re-imagined for the modern era...

BMW M1 Procar

The M1 Procar was a one-make racing series that ran for only two glorious seasons. During this brief stint of greatness, it boasted drivers from F1 and the European Touring Car Championship.

To bring the M1 Procar into 2018, this render features parts of the BMW i8 and some styling cues from the Vision i Dynamics concept which makes us get all teary-eyed about how great the M1 was.

Aston Martin DBR1

In 2017 the 1956 Aston Martin DBR1, as driven by the legendary Sir Stirling Moss himself sold for a colossal £17.5 million.

This tribute has stayed faithful to the original, with the racing green paint and single seat rear buttress taking its modern design from the 2018 Vantage and the Valkyrie hypercar.

Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO

Way back in the late 1980s, Audi created the wildest and most advanced four-door racing car with this, the 90 Quattro IMSA GTO. The sight and sound of this Quattro livered monster chirping its way around a track is still the stuff of legends three decades later.

This updated version retains the famed boxy bodywork while taking parts of the Audi R8 giving it a bang on up to date look.

Jaguar D-Type

The D-Type won the Le Mans 24-hour race no less than three times during its production run – even managing to finish in five of the top six places in 1957.

For this rework, the C-X75 supercar has been used as an inspiration along with a small amount of XJR-12 in the mix making for a stunning big cat race car.

McLaren MP4/4

The McLaren MP4/4 was one of the most successful F1 cars ever built. With the legendary Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost at the wheel, it produced a 93.8 percent winning streak back in 1988.

To modernise this iconic F1 legend, the outlawed Marlboro red and white livery has been used to stunning effect – making us all remember how much we miss the good old days.

Lancia Stratos

The Stratos is one of the most iconic rally cars ever to compete in the WRC. Taking the title for three straight years from 1974, it was a dominant car in the series taking wins in such legendary events at the Rally Monte Carlo and Rally Corsica.

This modern version sadly doesn’t have a current model to take design cues from, while still looking every inch the modern Stratos we’d always dreamed of.

Porsche 917

The Porsche 917 was a game changer in sports cars racing in the 1970s. Capable of some 245mph on the Mulsanne Straight of the legendary Le Mans circuit, this modernised version takes parts of the 918 hypercar and the futuristic Mission E.

Does it get any better than a Gulf livery? We don’t think so either.

Ferrari 330 p4

Back in 1967, the 330 p4 was Enzo Ferrari’s attempt to dominate endurance racing. Only three cars were ever produced, with this modern spin-off mimicking them perfectly with the famous red livery.

To bring it up to date, this render steals parts from the LaFerrari FXXK making it look ready for 24 hours of endurance racing punishment.

All images courtesy of Budgedirect.com - you can find the original post here.

Which of these re-imagined race cars would you pick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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