8 Porsches you've never heard of

I bet you have never heard of these!

2y ago

I have taken inspiration from some of cars Porsche keep in its top secret warehouse in Zuffenhausen. There are hundreds of vehicles overall in the storage unit but here are eight you have never heard of before.

With the recent announcement of the Porsche 911 992, it felt only right that I made this list of exotic Porsches.

1. Porsche 964 Boxster

Interestingly, this Porsche 964 was the base for the first ever Boxster prototype. Instead of using camo or other ways to cover their cars up, Porsche hid the new car within a current car. Genius.

2. Porsche 804

This 1962 race car from Porsche followed on from the production of the 718 and 787. It had a flat-eight air cooled engine which produced 180 bhp. This have Porsche it's only ever F1 win at the 1962 French Grand Prix.

3. Porsche 989 Concept

You could in fact say that this was the beginning for the Panamera we see today. This concept was debuted back in 1988 which they unveiled as a 4 door performance sedan. It was cancelled in 1992. It's a shame because the Panamera today is such an impressive car, it would have been great to see these around.

4. Porsche 965

After the great success of the 959, Porsche were eager to replace it with something better, but this didn't happen. The 965 was meant to be an all-wheel-drive hyper-911 with twin turbos and a PDK gearbox. The original 3.3-litre flat-six couldn't quite cut it due to cooling issues, and Porsche worked through several alternatives, even including the Indy V8 engine (that would have caused a scene!.. In a good way).

5. Porsche 928 Cabriolet

This was perhaps one of Porsche's biggest fails. At the time, they weren't too keen on making convertibles but you know that programme Magnum P.I... Yeah, they were asked to make the convertible sports car for that tv show but unfortunately, the role was taken by the Ferrari 308. I wonder how different the show would have been with a Porsche!

6. Porsche Panamericana Concept

The same person who designed this, also designed the 924, a handful of 911s, BMW Z1 and the beloved Carrera GT. The Panamericana was designed as a present for Ferry Porsche’s (Ferdinand Porsche, founder of company) 80th birthday and served a test mule for design features that would appear on the later 993 generation 911. So here you can see how Porsche saved materials by making one car as a present and as a test mule car. Brilliant.

7. Porsche 928 - extended wheelbase

Another gift for Ferry Porsche, the 928 (Study H50) was an extended wheelbase version to fit taller passengers in the back. The prototype was thought to be lost soon after it was unveiled, but when the Panamera launched 20 later, the H50 reappeared, having been hidden away in the warehouse all this time. Poor 928!

8. Porsche C88

Believe it or not, this is a Porsche designed for the Chinese market in 1994. It was completed in just four months by Porsche engineers and was displayed for the first time at the 1994 Beijing Auto Show. "The Chinese government said thank you very much and took the ideas for free, and if you look at Chinese cars now, you can see many details of our C88 in them," according to the Porsche museum director, Dieter Landenberger.

Which is your favourite on this list?

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Comments (6)

  • After these I guess I can see why they just make everything possible look like the same 911.

      2 years ago
  • I’m glad the 989 didn’t make production

      2 years ago
  • To a degree the underappreciated 928 became the Panamera.

      2 years ago
  • Even the best manufacturers have some “indiscretions” in their closet, and this list appears to be the pick of the bunch. From the bizarre to the hideous!!!

      2 years ago
  • That last one is definitely not a Porsche. That’s a collaboration between Hyundai and Daihatsu

      2 years ago