8 reasons why the C8 Corvette will redefine American sports cars

1w ago


Rumors of the mid-engined Corvette can be traced as far back as the 1970s. We've been promised it and even had spy photos in the past, but not like this one. We know it's real, we know it's coming, and the C8 Corvette is set to redefine American sports cars.

It's the 8th iteration of the quintessential American sports car, so here's 8 reasons why.

1) It's mid-engined

This is both the biggest change to the C8 Corvette compared to literally every other version, and the most controversial. It really just brings about a ton of questions that can only be answered when the car comes to market. Things like will it be reliable, will it perform even better, will it sell, will the price double, cross the mind.

2) It's not a Ford GT

Other than the upcoming C8, the only other American mid-engined car that really matters is the Ford GT. Once the C8 Corvette becomes a true reality, it may open the door for many other makers to start making mid-engines sports cars.

Will it happen? Maybe, but the C8 will at the very least open that door.

3) It's still going to use an LS motor

If they did anything but use an LS, it wouldn't be a Corvette. And a mid-ship LS can only mean fun. It certainly will sound the part. Here's some spy footage obtained by Motor 1 in September of 2018.

A mid-engined LS sports car and potential supercar fighter? Sign me up. I think I can already see the people trying to mid-engine swap old Corvettes.

4) Better handling

We know the outgoing C7 model of the Corvette was a fantastic handling car. Jeremy Clarkson said so himself in a review of it. But this one is mid-engined and a MR is a superior layout for handling than a front-engined car. That's just the way physics works.

This will likely be the best handling 'Vette ever and could make others take notice.

5) Could breed new cars

And on that same note, once the C8 is out, other car companies might want to create new sports cars to challenge it. Hopefully it will spawn other American companies to make mid-engined super cars. Then we could see a real USA vs Europe vs Asia MR supercar battle!

Via Hanbin Design on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanbindesign/.

6) Insane new tech

Sports cars and super cars are always on the cutting edge of new technology. And, belive it or not, American car companies have come up with some amazing tech of their own. Remember magnaride? Developed by Cadillac and licensed to Ferrari. That should speak volumes on that whole topic.

With the C8 Corvette, who knows what new tech will be available. Anything from active aero, to crazy horsepower, to hybrid technology. It's all speculation, but it may be game changing for American and all cars if the rumors are true.

7) It's American!

We need more sports cars from this side of the pond. Not that we need to combat things from Asia and Europe because all of those are excellent, but there is no scenario where more mid-engined super cars aren't welcomed.

Bring on the new wave!

8) It's real and it's finally happening

The biggest thing? The wait will be over soon and 5-6 decades of debate and speculation will finally all be by the wayside. The mid-engine Corvette is real and will likely change the game for good once it is out.