8 things to know about the LEGO Ford GT40 and 2017 Ford GT race car Set

1y ago


1) The new set is based on the Ford race cars that won the 1966 and 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours.

2) The designer of the set, Craig Callum used to be a car designers but made the switch to LEGO a few years ago.

3) Craig is a Ford nut and races his hotrod Model A in his spare time.

4) Designing models for LEGO Speed Champions combines his passion for cars with his favourite childhood toy which he says covered his bedroom floor.

5) The process of designing the set began with roughing the cars out in bricks and then using CAD data and 3D models to really capture the essence of the car.

6) The most difficult thing about designing the latest Ford GT was translating the complex elements of the car into such a small scale.

7) Children (more likely adults) will be able to recreate the victories at Le Mans with a chequered flag, podium and trophy.

8) You'll be able to get your hands on a set from the 1st March.

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