- Might this be the sign of final automotive armageddon?

80 mph / 130 kph speed limit might be a thing in germany soon.

Idiots discussing this right now

I don't care for Diesel, so I didn't really care for german "government" trying to ban Diesels from city centers, which apparently they kind of failed with. Still though, even to me it seemed idiotic. Taxis, commuters and local business owners wouldn't be able to conduct their businesses anymore but probably would have been granted special permits which would have made the already stupid idea even more pointless.

So what now? What kind of nonsense could they come up with in order to annoy people, limit their daily lives, take away yet another part of their freedom, make already boring and soulless modern shit cars even less exciting to drive and create a new source for fines? Right, take away the few remaining unrestricted parts of the Autobahn, cause more traffic jams, make people more pissed by restricting the speedlimit overall to 130kph and claim it all to environmental benefits.

As if they didn't fuck up the car industry enough already. Now this shit.

What do you think? Is this the final straw to end car- and driving pleasure for good and also a giant step backwards? Or is it about time se bloody germans get treated like the rest of the world?

However, I'm off now, blasting over the Autobahn with 300+ kph hoping to hit some politicians and environmentalists.


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