800bhp Lamborghini Huracan


4y ago

This insane Huracan belongs to Jon Olsson, if you've not heard of him before, he is a professional skier, Gumball 3000 regular and now vlogs everything for us to enjoy on his YouTube channel.

Why would you do something like stick a roof box to a Lamborghini? Well, the answer is when you use it everyday!
It may look like a normal, yet Camo'd Lamborghini Huracan from the outside but underneath its anything but. Jon enlisted the help of Swedish tuner Stertman with the spec of building the fastest car possible whilst maintaining the driveability and feel of the car.

The outcome was this, a supercharged, lower and faster Huracan pushing way over 800bhp. Beautiful.

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Comments (2)

  • Didn't keep it long did he...

      4 years ago
  • Seriously cool wrap!

      4 years ago