800Kg Lotus Exige meet 350Hp of Honda Vtec Supercharged Power

Piotr Soja´s old Monster in all its lightweight, supercharged Glory

This is the remake of an older video of our Channel featuring the spectacular Lotus Exige S2 of Piotr Soja that competed until 2016. Powered by a Honda K24 motor fitted with a Supercharger, this Mid-Engined Monster weighed only 800Kg making a proper machine. Added to that was a very GT3-esque bespoke Widebody kit developed for over 5 years until its final form, which can be seen here.

Although it hasn´t competed now for quite some time, it is still a mighty impressive machine and a pretty unique one too. The lightweight Lotus always was pretty much the perfect partner to the K-Series Honda engine and this was one of the most spectacular machines using that Chassis/Engine combo.

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