- Practical and rare estate sells for over £20k at online classic car auction

80s Peugeot 505 estate makes over £20,000 at auction

Practicality and low mileage leads to strong result for 80s classic

7w ago

Estate cars tend to be popular choice for used car buyers but this rare survivor was in demand more than most, selling for an incredible £20,250 on online auction Car & Classic.

The Peugeot 505, once a favoured option for bigger families in 1980s before the advent of SUVs, has all but disappeared with fewer than 50 left on UK roads. That, together with just 32,000 miles showing on the odometer and incredibly preserved condition after 30 years in hibernation, led to frantic bidding.

Cavernous load area!

Cavernous load area!

Seemingly found by a developer, purchasing properties from probate, the lowly model (just a GR, complete with velour trim) had been untaxed since 1991 but had benefitted from a light recommission from the seller, fitting a fresh set of tyres, new brake lines, and a full set of filters and fluids.

Fewer than 50 505s are on the road in the UK

Fewer than 50 505s are on the road in the UK

Back to the 80s with GR's cloth trim

Back to the 80s with GR's cloth trim

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Comments (3)

  • This car was originally for sale at Stone cold classics after it had been found in storage.

    They sold it for i believe £6995.

    Whoever bought it then put it on the Car and Classic auction had a right result.

    These 505s are solid they are built like tanks hence if you seach on google you can see them still being used as Taxis to this day in Africa.

    People see Peugeot and think its not much good but these old 505s really did Peugeot proud they were just as good and well made as the Volvo equivalents of the day just not as well known worldwide.

    If Peugeot still made cars of this quality today they would be held in a higher regard than they are now.

      11 days ago
  • Wow now that is just a silly price. But I must admit cars of this age and condition are getting pretty rare now and so are some 1990's cars. Recently the Ford Escorts from the 1990's to the last production year have been creeping up in value if they are in really good condition and are fetching around the £3,000 price bracket. The mk1 Ford Focus will probably start climbing in value as well as they are mostly 15-20 years old now.

      1 month ago
  • Good car, not worth the money paid for it mind.

      1 month ago