8300km in 3 weeks

Two on the road

First of all, the Dutch soccer team isn't my first choice when it comes to football, but when I wasn't sure that Portugal wouldn't make the first World Cup on the African Continent - I had to make a tough choice as to which Team we would watch 7 games of all the way to the final (if they made it) - This left me to choose the team with the most World Cup Qualifying points... the Netherlands.

the orange army out in full force

I think that even though my choice was not based on the following, it was just our luck we got to follow the team with probably the most fanatical supporters ever... just an example. Leading up to the start of the competition, a bunch of the "Orange Army" had travelled through Africa on road to follow their Team around South Africa... Fortunately for us, we'd decided to do the trip by motorbike... something I didn't own or have a license for... but I'm always up for a challenge.

Golden Gate National Park

This in mind, it was time to find a bike - and being who I am, I researched as much as I could to find the perfect bike that could handle the mission we set out before it and the clear winner for us was the BMW F650 GS... the standard one, I woulda loved the Dakar version, but couldn't justify price for the fact we were gonna keep it to the tar and take on a little dirt if required.

When shopping, we kept in mind the fact that we needed a hard wearing, mile guzzling bike, it didn't have to be fast, but be able to handle rider and pillion the whole way.

Sterkfontein Dam

This isn't a bike review, this is probably not anything about anything besides the fact that this is about what wheels connected to an engine can do to enrich your life by being the journey companion to get you from place to place.

Every journey tells a story and that's why I'm here... Please enjoy a few pics from my travels and see how it all played out.