85 RX7 FB Track Project Part 1

Chris Jones posted in Mazda

2y ago


My initial plan was to create a road legal track car with a view of to progressing towards Time Attach when funds and ability allow.

So phase one of the plan was to get the car mobile and road worthy. It initially needed an engine (Original went bang), new seats (I couldn't get my backside in to the one currently fitted) and new rims and tyres. (the original wheels were from a escort rally car, fitted with slicks and had some damaged)

The car originally had a 12a installed. So my plan was to replace like for like with a noisy enhancement of a half Bridgeport.

The FB as it was at purchase

Minus an engine

As I said. The plan was to replace the original 12a, with like for like, but this quickly progressed to a race spec 12a half Bridgeport, complemented with a 51 IDA and beefed up rad and oil cooler. (This work was completed by Dwayne at Silver Fern Performance on Deeside.)

Bridge work

She's in!

And plumbed in.

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The 12a bridge port reborn.

As with all projects, there has been a number of unexpected turns along the way. Being of large build, I found I needed to replace the driver’s race seat for something I could actually fit in. Dwayne spent a lot of frustrating hours trying to shoehorn a XL seat into a tiny FB space. Happy to say he succeeded and I fit! Next up, the wheels needed to be replaced. Luckily Mark from MRC forum came to the rescue with a full set of original S3 wheels.

That is one comfy driving position!

Orignal S3 wheels, need some TLC but sure look cool

To be continued.......

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  • Looking good so far!

    1 year ago
  • Great project, looking forward to hearing more as the work progresses!

    2 years ago


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